Pushbullet launches Portal, an app to transfer files between Android and your PC

pushbullet portal


Pushbullet wants to make it a snap to send a file from the desktop to your phone.

Portal is the company’s newest app, designed just for this purpose. Once you’ve installed it you just need to head to the Portal site to start a transfer.

Pushbullet also touts that Portal serves as an easy repository for finding any of your transferred files. No need to dig through Android’s file manager—just open up the Portal app and you’ll find everything you’ve sent over.

While Pushbullet has a similar capability for sharing files to your phone, it’s much faster to go the Portal route, which sends them directly over your local network.

Additionally, if your device has an SD card and Android Lollipop, you can specify the transfer go directly to your external storage.

The impact on you: Pushbullet is a hugely popular Android app because of how tightly it integrates your phone and computer. Portal is a nice add-on to have if you want a simple way to send a picture, video, or document directly to your device. No need to use the old-school method of emailing it to yourself or waiting for it to sync through a cloud service.

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