Mens Polo T Shirts

Men polo t shirts are extremely popular in the hot summer season. This is an extremely cool thing to wear when the temperatures are rising. Mens polo t shirts are usually known as the more well dressed and sturdy cousin of the normal t shirts. If you wear classic polo t shirts the correct way then you will look the best wearing your casual. But if you do not wear it in a proper wear then it can also be disastrous. So here are some tips that you need to keep in mind while you will either buy polo t shirts online India or even when you decide to wear them. There are a lot of different styles of men polo t shirts. One of the more traditional ones is the common pique polo t shirt. This t shirt is designed in such a way that it is shorter from the front but it is longer from the back. There is a reason that it is designed in such a way. This is so that your t shirt remains tucked in even when you are bending forward. This is also the sole reason that you should tuck this in if you decide to buy this sort of classic polo t shirts. If you decide to buy this and then wear it without tucking in then it will most definitely be a fashion disaster. And just as a measure of caution you should wear and try it before actually deciding to buy it. If you notice that the length at the back of the t shirt is more than half of your back pockets then it is a definite no as they are just too long. Now after you have decided on a mens polo t shirt that suits the length just fine there are a couple of other things that you should also take care of. The next thing that you should look at after the length are the buttons on men polo t shirts. Some polo t shirts have v necks that are just too deep. If the polo t shirt that you have chosen is of such a variety then you need to ensure that then do not look bad when they are left open of floppy. There are numerous brands that manufacture class polo t shirts of this variety but with many different designs.


American Swan has an amazing collection of polo t shirts online. This ensures that now you can do your buy polo t shirts online India right from your home or your mobile device and not worry about finding the jacket that you are looking for. This also saves a lot of time that you would otherwise spend in travelling to and fro the shop. So log on to the American Swan online store and shop for your favorite mens polo t shirts today from a variety of collection that ranges from different popular brands across the world!


How to Pick iPhone Case From Online

Apple is one of the best manufactures of mobile phones, laptops and computer, iPhone is one of the popular products. The iPhone 5 is a touch screen phone and so it needs high care to protect the expensive phone. The dust and scratches make dirty as well as it looks old there in the market, there are different models of iphone 5 cases are available from reasonable to most expensive rate. Using the phone cover is an effective way that provides higher protection to Apple phone. In online there are many best and good quality of phone cases available, with this person can choose them and they are in different colors and styles. The people who have an iPhone, they should definitely buy iPhone cases. This will maintain the gadget safe that make to work for different years. The iPhone cases are also available in different prices and materials.


Types Of iPhone Covers:

Depending on the model of your phone, there are many stylish and expensive cases are provided by the Apple Company. Moreover, people also can get the cases direct from the company. The iPhone cases are come different types from that people can choose from different materials. The silicon cases are flexible as well as highly soft. The smooth finish also provides a good style and look. Moreover, the silicon covers are designed perfectly in order to maintain the phone, protected free from the scratches. In addition, they also provide an easy and firm grip. People can find the silicon cases in various colors. In the market, the leather cases are highly available and where people can select from the different array of cases and that come in unique range of styles from funky to elegant. In iPhone 5, different leather types are used. The aluminum case serves as light weight as well as excellent protector, well they are quite durable. Furthermore, the plastic is the most common material and they used for designing the iphone 5 cases. However, the polycarbonate plastic is polished, finely due to that it’s appropriate for the iPhone models.

Durable Iphone Cases:

The plastic cove also comes in wonder designs and colors. Today, iPhone 5 is highly popular in the market and this is one of the most expensive phones and therefore that definitely needs to protect and take care of the device. Moreover, in such case, people need to look for the causes. The weight of iphone 5 cases is a few milligrams and therefore they not too much bulky or heavy. In iPhone, the glass is covered on two sides so proper protection is most essential. People also can select the case, depending on basics of the preferences. Well, these case units are highly available in different colors like black, standard whit, gold and various other shades. People also can go for multicolored cases. Most of the covers have the absorbers and that prevent the phone when you drop the iPhone. The covers of iPhone 5 are almost in appropriate size and even people buy readily in the market and that are durable and flexible.

Significance of online shopping and coupons

People always look for better and smoother opportunities in life and shopping. There was a time when people used to roam around here and there for the best price. They used to wait for a long time to get attractive sales offers. However, in last one decade the world has completely changed in terms of shopping at least. Online shopping has gripped the attention of the people with lots of options and wide range or varieties. As far as the pricing is concerned, online shopping offers much competitive price than the retail shops. The use of coupons on the other hand has changed the entire scenario for the online shopping. Let’s see how coupons have changed the online shopping arena.


Introduction to Online Coupons

Online coupons are much like gift vouchers that saves your money while shopping. The coupons come with specific codes. The coupons can be genetic or may be directly associated with a person. There are many coupons that are directly given to the customers. There are many customers who are loyal and frequent visitors to the stores and get the coupons with huge benefits. However, there are other generic online shopping coupons as well that can be used by anyone to get large benefits.

Benefits of Online Coupons

There is a range of benefits for online coupons. You can save lots of money from the coupon codes to ensure that the online coupons give you large benefits. This is not only about getting some cash relaxed while shopping. You can get heavy discount on a wide range of services. The coupons like Paytm Coupons give you different benefits and Askmebazaar coupons give you different. There are other online shopping coupons as well like Flipkart Amazon, Snapdeal and many offers can be gotten. The wide range of services are with discounted price is the icing on the cake for the variety and ease of online shopping.

How to use and redeem coupons for online shopping

Using coupons are not so difficult task for anyone. However, searching for the coupon can be a hard task of the day. Coupons come with distinct codes that have to be used at the specific shopping places. You just have to enter the code while purchasing and you can redeem it for the same. The coupons are pretty simple to use and can be redeemed by the same method to get heavy discount.

How to search online coupons for online shopping

The online coupons for shopping or any other services are available on the internet. If you are not given particular coupons, then you need to search for it over the internet. You can search over the internet to get the best deals with coupon codes.

Coupons can be very useful for saving lots of money. There are lots of range and options available for coupons and all you have to do is to redeem them to enjoy the benefits. The significance of online shopping gets even more increased with the use of coupons.

5 Advantages and Disadvantages of E-Commerce

Internet is full of possibilities. Everything is now available on the internet. With faster internet access available the number of e-commerce users have also increased. As we know that there are pros and cons of everything, there are some advantages and disadvantages of e-commerce too. Have a look at 5 advantages and disadvantages of e-commerce.



Cost Effective

If you are going to purchase anything via online shopping websites, there is high probability that you are going to choose payment via online debit or credit cards. As a lot of transactions are done online for buying T shirts online, which is a cost effective option. Each transaction made with the e-commerce payment is cheaper as compared to the normal payment mode.

High Margin

If you are a seller, you will definitely get high margin on your products. All the products like T shirts for men which are sold on e-commerce websites are sold with a high margin. It will not only save your time but will also give you more control on your business.

Better Productivity

With e-commerce both the buyer and seller is productive. People need answers online as it is cheaper as well as faster. For the company it is a cost effective measure too.

Quick comparison

Once can easily make comparisons with other sellers with the help of e-commerce websites. Not only people will be able to save money but also time.

Economy benefit

With e-commerce websites, it is not a compulsion to have a store, infrastructure investment or any other thing. There should be just a good website along with good customer support.



Security is one disadvantage of shopping online. Let’s say you are going to buy T Shirt online and you get tricked by making payment on the exact replica of the e-commerce website. You money is gone at this point.

Scalability of System

We already told that there is no need for a store or an infrastructure investment for e-commerce website, but you need a developed website which will help the customers. The website needs to have a good navigation and if you are not having good web online presence you won’t get any profits from the e-commerce business.

Data and system Integrity

There are many e-commerce website which sell the data of their customers to third parties. This is one of the reasons that people don’t want to buy anything from e-commerce websites.

Products People

If one is looking to focus the product they won’t buy it online. One of the reasons behind this is that they would like to try the Batman Tshirt they are going to buy before making the payment. This is not possible with e-commerce.

Customer Service

Customer Service plays a very important role in building relationships and e-commerce is one field where it lacks. If the customer is not happy, then there is surety that your e-commerce business is soon going to end as itwon’t survive.

These are some advantages and disadvantages of e-commerce websites.

Get Your Favourite Food Anytime, Anyplace Through Mobile App

Online food order is making food service considerably quicker with an enhanced versatile application that dispatched across the nation today and permits buyers to request, pay ahead and skip lines in the eatery. The photo pressed food application auto-spares most loved suppers that can be re-requested by pivoting your cell phone rapidly.

Tiny owl is such app that offers you online service for ordering delicious food and finding best eateries in your locations with list of other restaurants also and with the list of different types of cuisine. You can select your favourite food among these foods and place an order the delivery boy will reach to your house within specified time. There are no hidden charges or additional charges for using this application. If you are having internet connection on your mobile device than you can easily access to this app.


I normally use this app when I’m at home alone or with my family or friends. I just go this app and book my order within a specified time the delivery boy delivers the food to my home and in this way it saves both time, energy and money and i can get any food without going anywhere. And thus I can alone sit and enjoy the movie at my 3d TV with delicious food on my finger tips.Those days are gone when we use to ring eateries and make orders for food to be delivered to our office or homes. Innovation has affected each part of our life and now notwithstanding requesting sustenance from eateries has gotten to be easy and simple.

You no more need to chase for eatery telephone numbers and identify with an administrator to submit requests for home delivery. You can now arrange food online through tiny owl app. Whether you at home or in office, you should do nothing more than, just pick what you might want to eat and it will be delivered to your place in very less time.

You have different online gateways which are teamed up with various eateries, bistros, bakeries, restaurants, fast food joints and coffeehouses. These sites help you arrange food online from any of the eateries situated in your general vicinity. These sites incorporate a colossal database of delivery menus, eateries, eatery reviews and ratings and substantially more. A portion of the sites likewise have mobile applications which can be utilized to request online foodusing cellphones.

You can locate a full list of eateries situated close you and choose the item, depending upon what you might want to eat. You can peruse through the conveyance menus offered by these eateries. You can see the menus and the costs online yourself. You can likewise check the appraisals and surveys posted by other customers for all the eateries that are registered on the app. You can decide to arrange from any of your most loved eateries and your request is delivered to you according to your choice.

From local eateries to well-known global chains – foodies have various choices to browse. Whether you love Mughlai, Chinese, Indian or Arabic you can savor a mixture of delights from diverse parts of the world from any the eateries situated in your general vicinity. You can look at Chinese eatery food menus and different other foods, Lebanese eatery food menus and other food menus relying upon the food you wish to choose.

The delivery or take away menus at any of these eateries is immense and incorporates everything whether it is breakfast or lunch  snacks, combos, desserts and drinks  and many more at moderate costs. By making use of tiny owl app you can order food at any time 24 hours a day.

How to Integrate Bulk SMS API in JavaApplication?

Bulk SMS API allows application developer to integrate on their application and send the sms to all the numbers at one shot without login to their sms panel. Anyone can integrate the Bulk SMS API into their applications, software, website, etc.,

Through Bulk SMS API we can able to check the Status of the sent messages, Delivery report, and group delivery report. We can able to send the Unicode messaging also.


Once we integrate the Bulk SMS Gateway in any of the application, the application trigger the HTTP API call with all the parameters when on required. The required parameters like SMS Service URL, User Name, Password, Mobile Number, Message, etc..  As soon as call the HTTP API, the api along with all the parameters will be send to SMS Gateway Server and the bulk SMS Gateway evaluate all the parameters and automatically the message will deliver to the given number without login to the SMS panel itself.;;;;



public class JavaCode{

publicJavaCode() {


public static void main( String[] args) throws Exception{

String postData=””;

String retval = “”;

//give all Parameters In String

String Username =”username”;

String Password = “Password”;

String MobileNo = “9xxxxxxxxx”;

String Message = “Test message from java code”;

String SenderID = “XXXXXX”;

postData += “username=” + Username + “&password=” + Password + “&to=” +

MobileNo +”&sender=” + SenderID + “&message=” + Message;

URL url = new URL(“”);

HttpURLConnectionurlconnection = (HttpURLConnection) url.openConnection();





OutputStreamWriter out = new




BufferedReader in = new BufferedReader(   new


String decodedString;

while ((decodedString = in.readLine()) != null) {

retval += decodedString;






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