Web Hosting made easy by Hosting Raja

As the environment of business is booming in the country, many entrepreneurs are turning towards having their own business in the online space. For this a lot of technical support is required along with a web hosting service. Hosting raja is a company that helps fledgling ventures in getting up their feet.

What it’s about?

Hosting Raja is a web hosting and domain name registrar company that is also one of the fastest growing companies in India of its kind.  Their USPs includes the provisioning of domain name as well as web hosting services for all their customers at very low prices. They have also started the facility of reselling web hosting in the country. Their pricing plans are very user friendly starting at a very low base price per month. Enlisted below are a few of their vantage points.

Perks of Hosting Raja

1. Fuss-free registration process – they have a very short and hassle free process to get any customer registered in n time at all!

2. Simple and easy to start off the web hosting registering process – they never make their customers wait for a long time before they could start off with their website.

3. Great customer support – the customer care personnel are very polite and also answer all the customer’s doubts without any hesitation, no matter how silly it is.

4. Customer support provided in12 Indian languages – being one of the fastest growing web hosting companies in such a diverse country, having personnel to cater to customers who speak different languages is an added bonus

5. No hidden costs – this is the greatest plus point of their service. Hidden costs are really irksome and having a transparent transaction with a customer strengthens the bond and keeps them coming back.

6. Provision of value added services – customers pay for value and they understand this. The customer care has always gone above and beyond their means to satisfy customers and win their trust.

7. Custom made plans to meet customer requirements – not everyone has the same web hosting needs. So to meet that requirement the custom plans are a great easy breather. They are easy to plan and design and a great way to make customers happy.

8. Affordable pricing – pricing is a sensitive issue with customers and that’s why the company has a very affordable pricing scheme for all kinds of packages that are classified into different categories.

9. Technical support provided – since the customers don’t know it all about web hosting, technical support has been provided which is at the customer’s disposal any time for any kind of support.

10. Service personnel are patient, responsive and professional – the quality of the transaction is very important which is why their customer care personnel are highly trained in being courteous and helpful in all kinds of problems that the customer might have.

Dos and Don’ts

Whenever selecting a service, a background check is very necessary to know whether the service provider is worth their salt and your money or not. So this review should serve as a 360 degree report on the worthiness of the company. Also talk to the specific personnel who will be taking care of your need and explain what your requirements are. A thorough understanding is very necessary for the delivery of that exact service from the company’s end. So here is a few steps to abide by:

· Check out the company. You may refer to this article as well.

· Talk to a personnel of the company explaining your needs

· See their pricing packages

· Read their agreement statement thoroughly.

· See their certification.

· Talk to previous customers if possible.

Final Verdict

The above mentioned ten factors that work in the company’s favor has made it clear about what makes the company a great choice for web hosting and domain registration services. There is no doubt whatsoever that they leave no stone unturned in giving a great a customer experience. Being a customer-centric company, they have grown by leaps and bounds with their alertness, nimble attitude and value proposition. It definitely earns a 5 on 5 rating for its performance so far.

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