High Performing Notebooks Make Excellent Gifts For The University Student In Your Life

If it’s been years since your own university career, then don’t think you know what your child need in order to guarantee their success at school. Most likely you remember hitting the library and flipping through its card catalogue to start your thesis research, and you wrote your arguments out by hand before typing it up on the typewriter you shared with your roommates.


Even if you’re a much more recent graduate – one who had their own computer, no less – your child is experiencing a completely different classroom. Forget about a physical catalogue; everything’s gone digital! Whereas your classmates were equipped with binders and pens to take their notes, your child’s cohorts are typing through their classes on laptops. If you want the brightest and most successful future for your child, you need to embrace the modern world and get them a powerful and portable notebook.

Modernity, and in this case technology specifically, has drastically changed education. Teachers have embraced peer-based instructing platforms to disseminate course work, readings, infographics, and notes to a plugged-in classroom. Their lectures are always accompanied by some sort of digital presentation (PowerPoint or otherwise) and some offer remote access via video to those students who can’t make it to campus. All of their digital offerings can only be accessed by a computer. Without one, your child could find themselves working against a huge disadvantage before the semester even truly begins.

At the very least, they need a laptop that will let them offer this modern world of education. But the computer you choose for your child should provide them with more than just the basics. As mid-terms, papers, and group projects start to pile up, their notebook should be able to handle every one of their tasks with ease. Notebooks offer powerful Intel® Broadwell performance that can multi-task high-energy applications, including those memory draining programs that visual design, architecture, and engineering students use. With NVIDIA Quadro K2100M graphics, HD LCD displays, and up to 32 GB of DDR3l 1600 Memory certain notebooks can provide premium graphics, clarity, and performance that you’d expect from a desktop

Mobility plays an important role in the modern student’s life, which is why a typical desktop is out of the question for your son or daughter. They need to be able to meet with their group project members or study buddies, and a desktop would instantly require all of their meetings to occur in their dorm room. When work can take them to the library, cafés, or the cafeteria, a notebook supports them whenever their workplace isn’t their desk. Slim, sleek, and ultra-lightweight, notebooks are made with the itinerant student in mind and can easily slip into a backpack or side bag. They also come with long-lasting battery life, which allows them to go anywhere that might not have a convenient outlet. These high-performing notebooks don’t skimp on anything in order to remain portable, and its USB, VGA, and HDMI ports make it easy for your child to share information and display presentations.

As the fall semester rolls to a close and you’re expecting your child home for the holidays, don’t make the mistake of thinking what was good in your day is sufficient for theirs. Skip the paper supplies and consider getting them a well-made notebook. Do your research, and look for those that can offer unprecedented battery life, mobility, and power for your child.

Of course, most manufacturers that can provide these features in their notebooks also have a huge range of powerful, time-saving, and fun devices that won’t just make the university student in your life happy and successful. Keeping this in mind, Toshiba electronics make great holiday gifts for everyone on your list, as there’s something for everyone. Students, entrepreneurs, and office workers alike will find use out of one of their premium notebooks and devices. Give the gift of performance and durability, and everyone – including your university student – will stay on top of their work.

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