The significance of student interaction in online education

No matter what type of education we talk about, one of the basic pillars that help students secure a Good job is effective communication skills. With the incredible developments taking place in the area of online learning and web based education, one issue that the students often face is related to the interaction with other students and teachers. It doesn’t matter if you choose basic online education course or something big like online PGD in marketing management having the upper hand in communication is very important. When a student goes to a regular college, they get an opportunity to interact on various levels. However, considering its importance, there are many reputed online education providers that have made it a point to ensure healthy interaction amongst the students and with the tutors.

There are variety of courses that are offered to students online in India and over the years the number of students choosing them over traditional colleges and universities has increased. Specific courses like online MBA in HR or online PGD in HR, students would directly have to step into the corporate world and start dealing with unfamiliar faces. No matter how well a student scores in terms of theory or in academic tests, the main area where they have no other choice but to perform to the highest possible standards is the market. Most of these online universities are therefore paying special attention to the needs of students that have specifically opted to study for a degree in marketing and HR.

Students who chose to study online are groomed to a level where they can compete with the ones coming-in from a regular college. There are many benefits that are associated with online education and most important of these is that it provides a platform to the students where geographical boundaries do not matter. Moreover, top notch tutors and professors from all parts of the world are brought onto one platform to teach students thus providing them a global exposure.

For all those students who have often cancelled out the thought of opting for online education considering it as something that is inferior to a degree from a regular college should give it a thought once again. With constant development and tremendous amounts of improvements happening in this sector, soon would come a time when this will become the future of education in every part of the world. No matter which subject, course or field is chosen, with the number of reliable options available, a student won’t need to spend large sum of money over their education simply to get a degree from a good college and a well paying job. Foreseeing the associated benefits and the good it can do to one’s career, online education can be readily chosen now for a promising future and well paying career.

How to Hack Forgotten Windows 10 Password in 3 Easy Steps

Lost your Windows 10 password after unused for a long time? Bought a second hand laptop but sadly found it was locked with a password? Is there any efficient way to hack Windows 10 login password?

Here we would recommend you try SmartKey Windows Password Recovery. It is one of the most powerful Windows 10 password hacker, which can effectively help you hack your Windows 10 password within three easy steps. And it required you little technical knowledge of the Windows operation.

 Why Choose SmartKey Windows Password Recovery

The most salient characteristic of SmartKey Windows Password Recovery is the 100% recovery rate, which has been welcomed by thousands of Windows 10 users. Moreover, the password recovery process will be finished easily and quickly with no data loss or file damage at all with the least money & time.

Beside, you can feel free to choose change the password, or remove the password, or even create a new account. Solve your password problems by yourself in minutes with the software.

 How to Hack Windows 10 Password with SmartKey Windows Password Recovery?

It may be illegal to hack others’ computers, but it is ok for you to get yourself out of the trouble by using the qualified password hacker program. Please follow the steps, it is rather easy.

  1. Download and install the program on any accessible computer (please not this does not refer to your locked computer).
  2. Run it and burn to a blank CD /DVD or USB Flash drive.
  3. Boot your locked PC from the newly created disk to reset your forgotten Windows 10 password.

They are rather easy steps. For more details, you can also click here.

Are There Other Functions?

Besides helping you hack your Windows 10 password, SmartKey Windows Password Recovery also can help you in the following cases:

  • Unfortunately forgot user password you just changed.
  • Set a Microsoft account but lost password for it.
  • Lend PC to others and the admin password was accidently changed.
  • Forgot Windows 10 login password and there is no reset disk.
  • Lost admin password for Windows PC and had no other admin account to login.

Choosing SmartKey Windows Password Recovery will definitely a nice choice you will never regret! In order to meet different uses, this Windows pc password reset software also has three different versions: SmartKey Windows Password Recovery Standard, SmartKey Windows Password Recovery Professional and SmartKey Windows Password Recovery Ultimate. Feel free to get the one you need, and it won’t disappoint you!

Easy ways to get a great deal on your home loan

Looking for houses is stressful enough and then to have to go through the loan hassles simply adds on to it. If you haven’t bought a property before then you probably feel lost already. With so many banks offering loans and with different schemes it can be really confusing. So how do you get out of this mess and look for something that is less complicated, meets your needs and doesn’t end up with a hole in your pocket?

You could plan to buy a big house or maybe just a small 1 BHK flat in Ahmedabad but that doesn’t really change the loan procedure. So here are a few tips to help you get a great deal on your home loan.

hdfc ahmedabad

  • Interest Rate

This happens to be one of the most important factors when you decide to secure a home loan. To some extent a lot of people believe this is the extra money that you have to pay on your purchase, and you really don’t want to be paying a lot of it. Look at the market and seek advice, sometimes the interest rates are lower during a particular period. You could also check with other lenders or if there are some special rates for women. Look for a fixed interest rate.


  • Do your homework

Different people may have different means to measure or decide on home loans. Some lenders may agree to lend you more money as opposed to others based on your credit history or if you’ve been banking with them for a really long time. Use this opportunity to obtain the best interest rate possible and only then go for a home loan.


  • Save

If you plan to buy a house anytime soon it’s the perfect time to start saving. Save every month or use your small investments to make the down payment for the house. This reduces the loan amount significantly, which automatically mean you will have to pay lesser interest. If you haven’t decided on which one to buy then this could help you to set a budget and decide how much are you capable of spending on your new home. You could decide to pay a certain % of the total amount as a down payment.


  • Check

Before you start looking for property you could get in touch with the bank or lender and get yourself pre-qualified. This is a process through which the bank may go through your financial records and look into savings and other investments. Once they are convinced they will pre-qualify you for a home loan. This helps you to understand exactly how much amount the lender will be able to lend to you and you can accordingly decide a price range for your new house.


  • One at a time

If you are planning to apply for a home loan anytime soon make sure you do not apply for a car loan or several credit cards simultaneously. This will affect your credit score and may affect your loan amount or the bank’s decision to give you any loan at all.

Online Career Counseling- Is your Career Path at a Crossroad?

Confusion is a common state of mind when one is making their career choice. It is a make or break situation since their decision might change their life’s course. With so many career options youngsters are at a complete loss, their career path reach a crossroad. It is like a roadblock and the driver can’t understand how to go ahead. Not only young school students feel at a loss while drawing up a roadmap for the future, many experienced professionals also face the same situation while looking for a career change. It is a common trend now to take risks and thus who will find young entrepreneurs starting their own companies, thus opening up new employment avenues. Now the question is how you get to know about these different career options, of course through internet, the powerhouse of information.

The modern technology has blessed us with a boon of internet connection. Most homes and offices now have Wi-Fi facility. This means you can sit at any corner of the country and access information and discuss your issues with an experienced career expert via Skype. You can also conduct seminars through video conferencing with career experts abroad and also with the heads of colleges and Universities. There is an option for live chat as well. You can call the helpline to clear your doubts any time.

Many career sites like has made their portal more user-friendly by keeping options like online aptitude tests, knowledge-base of career questions and online consultation sessions to stay connected with expert career counselors. Often a plethora of information in the internet and excessive media exposure can confuse both students and parents and they miss out on the crucial information. Many don’t know how to get access to credible and good information on the recent career trends it is here that online career counseling comes to the rescue.

Here are the advantages of online career counseling-

  • You can choose the right career stream after completing your 10th standard and just before going to +2.
  • If you are not able to choose a career stream or the career that you have already selected doesn’t suit your skills, then you can find out an alternative career path.
  • Have already completed your graduation and have relevant work experience? Then online career counseling can guide you to take advantage of the skills you have newly acquired.
  • Those who want to take up higher education like post graduate diploma or Masters or say Ph.D. Online career counseling helps you to look for the right subject. It will also help you to understand how higher education will help you to get better job opportunities in future.
  • A student can take an aptitude test or career assessment test at home. They need not travel, so this saves time and costs. Comprehensive reports that comprise of aptitude profile and personality profile of the student helps the career experts to give right guidance based on solid facts. The students can confidently rely on the guidance and they get the information quickly in real time.
  • Online career counseling help’s a student to realize their inherent strength and skills. This scientific method also guides a student to make the best use of his talents. Unless you don’t yourself, internet can’t help you. This is the first step to accurate career counseling.
  • Students studying at school and high school have to opt for various subjects and perform well academically. Thus they don’t know what exactly their real strengths are. Online counseling helps them realize their intellectual ability and their natural inclination for certain subjects. This helps the student to take informed decision regarding their career.
  • Many students have preconceived notions and career counseling helps to correct them. It helps to make a person understand the individual he or she really is.
  • Sometimes students decide their career goals but don’t know how to achieve it. Online career counseling help students to select their subjects or academic stream correctly.
  • The students will get to know what jobs they can get after studying a particular subject. For example- will studying English literature help a student to get a good job in both academic and corporate field?


Both students and parents ignore the importance of career counseling. Many have misconceptions regarding online career counseling. Students should research well and find out only credible websites that offer constructive guidance rather than relying on word of mouth. A mistake in career decision can ruin a life, so it is always best to take informed decision by using the internet prudently.

About the Author :



Surela Chakraborty writes feature and lifestyle articles. She is known to experiment with different genres of writing. She started writing in her school days but has made her passion a profession. Her articles have been published in both print and digital media. Research is her forte and she has more than three years’ experience in this field. Connect with her @SurelaC


Fixing carpentry hassles is now effortless!!

Your house is your cosy abode which you have built with so much love & care. Every nook & corner is adorned with the choice of your furniture & declaratives. It is that special place where you want to back to every day after the days tiring work. “Homesickness” syndrome only catches up with one, when one goes away from home either for further studies or for work. Until then we never tend to realise the importance of our home.


We build a relation with everything around us. Be it living or non-living. Everything has its own language. Even the non-living objects, be it a box or sofa or cup-board. The important thing to ponder upon is that are we silent enough from inside to hear what they speak. Yes the trees do speak & so does your fav soft-toy teddy bear. Every language need not have words. The most beautiful language is that of our heart. Until we are settled within ourselves, we will be unable to understand or hear it.

Have you noticed often times you like to sit only at a particular place at your home, read only at a specific area, and sleep only on your bed. Well you have built a unique relationship with each of these spaces & energies. We have developed a sense of liking & comfort for them. It is hard to leave them behind & shift to another city & even more heart breaking when they wear & tear off or break off. Looking for sofa repair services& all sorts of carpenter services is a hell of a task. Right from hunting for the best carpenters to the right fixtures & to negotiating the right deal, all of it might take a week & eat up most of your valuable time. To save you from all the trouble, you can now look for online carpenters.

Yes technology has made it simple & extremely convenient to avail all such services at the spur of the moment the damage happens. All you need to do is install the Housejoy app & click on the desired service. Our service providers are professionally trained & will fix all carpentry issues in no time.

So a guest is coming and a bed is yet to be repaired, want to renovate your furniture during the festival time, the wait is now over. You just need to click & our efficient carpenters will be at work at your home when you call them. Not only this, we have full-fledged online plumbing services as well. Keep all the water leakage & drainage issues at bay, opt for Housejoy’s plumbing services. So now you know the secret to winning your Mom’s heart when she asks you to get the furniture fixed or the water pipe repaired. While you are busy chilling with your friends, you just need to tap on your app & the service provider will be right at your home -Mom is happy & so are you!!

Using Recycled Materials to Create Beautiful Furniture

Purchasing furniture for a home can get very expensive, very quickly. It is not uncommon for furniture stores to sell mediocre quality living room sets for between $2,000 and $3,000. Often times, homeowners are left with furniture they really do not like, but since there is no other option, they take what they can get.

Recently, there has been a revolution in the way that people search for furniture. Instead of going to department stores to buy it, they have learned to build it themselves. The Internet has been an invaluable tool for these individuals since there are videos and instructional diagrams showing people how to take simple materials like a wood pallet and turn it into a beautiful piece of furniture.

It is surprising to see some of the amazing pieces of furniture that people have been able to make using wood pallets. They have made tables that rival some of the most attractive tables sold at furniture stores. They have been able to make bed frames that are sturdy and appealing to look at. There are even examples of individuals using wood pallets to make beds that hang from a tree like a hammock.

Some have taken the idea of using recycled materials to build furniture to the next level. Many individuals have come up with diagrams that teach a person how to use recycled wood, stainless steel pipes, and other recycled materials to build an entire house. The house is fully equipped with plumbing, electricity, and heating and ventilation.

While using recycled wood, like that found in wood pallets, is less expensive than purchasing wood from a lumber store, it is also more labor-intensive. One of the biggest challenges that a person will face when they use recycled material to build furniture is taking apart the wood pallet by hand. And since the wood is not straight, they will have to cut it and make it suitable for the project they are going to use it for.

Additionally, there are some health concerns that come from using wood pallets. Some wood pallets have been treated with materials to make them stronger and make them fire resistant. These materials can be dangerous and so it’s a good idea for a person to do a little research and make sure that the pallet they are using is safe for the project they are using it for.

Furniture built using recycled materials is attractive, sturdy, and most of all inexpensive.

7 most beautiful types of diamond cuts

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend. The shape of a diamond, the cuts tell a lot about you. It is very important to select the perfect cut diamond which suits your personality. It may be the classic round, emerald or something fancy like Heart, pear.

Here are some of the most amazing cuts of diamond-

  1. Round diamonds

The most popular type of diamond, round diamonds reflect light the best and maximise potential brightness making it a favourite over the fancy cuts. The rawness of the diamond is kept intact in this shape. It has 57 facets, which is just too super cool. Diamond Necklaces are available in round diamond, with many unique settings. More so, you can buy a diamond necklace online or check the various designs available before you go to the physical shop.

  1. Asscher cut diamonds

This cut diamond looks like a square emerald shape with long and lean lines. It has a relatively larger top flat surface and lesser number of facets and a narrow bottom. They have gained a lot of popularity after its inception in the 20th century. They look the best when set in an engagement ring.

  1. Princess Cut Diamonds

It is the second most popular diamond cut and was first created in 1980s. Similar to round cut diamonds, they are very flexible and can be used in multiple settings of rings. They are gaining popularity for being encrusted on engagement rings because of their feminine appearance.

  1. Marquise cut diamonds

These diamonds appear like the cover of an almond. Broad at the centre and tapering at either ends, it creates an illusion of being bigger than they actually are. This is one of the reasons why it is gaining a popularity lately, because it looks bigger than a round diamond of the same carat. Marquise diamonds are mostly used in rings.

  1. Heart cut diamonds

These diamonds represent the confident modern woman of today. They are a perfect choice for pendants with pastel colours such as pink, blue or yellow. Something less than 50 carat would not be a good choice in case of heart cut diamonds. They are unconventional and a perfect choice for gifting the woman of your life; mother, wife daughter or girlfriend!

  1. Radiant cut diamonds

These are the first type of diamonds to have a complete beautiful cut facet pattern applied to the crown as well as the base, thus the name! They are a combination of geometrical lines of the emerald cut and lustre of round diamonds, making it the most perfect type of diamond. They make beautiful necklaces when set with round diamonds or square cornered diamonds.

  1. Cushion cut diamonds

Cushion cut diamonds are very feminine, royal and have a soft look. They look like a cushion with rounded edges and larger facets which increase the stone’s beauty. This type of diamond is as old as 200 years. They make beautiful rings with flakes of diamond surrounding it.

Often diamonds are gifted or presented as an engagement ring, so it becomes very important to test the diamond before buying it!


Earn More By Pursuing Greater Job Opportunities In Mumbai

The country has been growing at a very fast pace and so is the development. There the increase in economics growth and development leads to many open job opportunities. No matter how much one thinks to pursue a higher rank in job? Not every time one can get job accordingly. Moreover, people have been switching to BPO jobs in Mumbai. It has become really a good deal to join such centers. Many people who are not able to qualify the terms and conditions of a company and are rejected don’t feel let down now because of such job opportunities one can easily earn enough to fulfil the basic amenities. What one need to see is that he or she can go for such jobs and have their preferred timings accordingly and start working to earn and save a good amount of money.


Who all can opt for these kind of jobs?

  1. Well these jobs are certainly meant for active people as they can easily manage things and quite fast too
  2. School student who have passed their +2 exams or others can even opt for such a job to have a good amount of pocket money and can save for their future too
  3. College students can also opt for such jobs as it will be really easy for them to work and study at the same time and save for their future also they can gain some work experience which will help them later to show and have much better job opportunities.
  4. Other people who give tuitions at home or many housewives can also be a part of the job.

Why should people opt BPO jobs?

People should opt for KPO jobs in Mumbai because it saves them some extra money which layer can be utilized in many good ways. They give you a fixed income also if one is staying outside home such jobs helps then a lot to collect money. The main plus point of such job is that not only it helps in saving money but makes a person confident and independent.

Building up one’s confidence is the prior objective that we receive. When one earns money, he or she actually feels happy to have received an income from their skills. It will teach a person how to manage things. And also teaches that how to save money and manage it. It also helps hour communication skills and one really needs focus to carry on with the BPO jobs. One needs patience too. So the jobs teach you so many things that you can apply on your own lives. There are many call center jobs in Mumbai you need to have an entry to it. There is no higher level of qualification required of you are setting up as a Fresher. Just hard work, focus and from call center jobs you can earn more. Moreover, if you keep on sticking to a same job you can also get hikes and promotion too. And these jobs are legal and a real good way of earning money. It is worth to spend time on.