How to make an Espresso without Espresso Machine

Imagine spending a whole day working and returning home too tired to do something. Well that is something not to be imagined as it might have happened to any one of us throughout our life. Now imagine enjoying a cup of Espresso to calm down yourself. Suddenly you are able to tolerate the hectic Mondays, with a promise for better things to come later. Most of the best coffee drinks that are delivered today are made with the help of expensive coffee makers and Espresso Machines which were invented in Italy around about 100 years ago.

espressoThe perfect Espresso involves setting the right temperature for the beans to grind under controlled maintained pressure. Without an Espresso Machine, it may seem to be a Herculean Task but still there are a few alternatives which are present to us today.

Being woken up to a scent of brewing coffee would bring a delight to most faces but an avid coffee consumer would testify that having a cup of coffee can be an expensive proposition. Either you end buying your coffee at cafeteria every day or buying yourself Espresso Machines, it is your pockets that are affected the deepest. So is there a middle way to all this? Fortunately, Yes. There is an alternative. You can create your own coffee without an Espresso Machine.

Steps to make Espresso without Espresso Machine using Moka Pot

Instead of spend chunks of money buying Espresso Machine which don’t work for more than 1.5 years on average, a cheaper alternative is available to us. For about $10 you can buy a Moka Pot which can basically do the work of an Espresso Machine. The Moka Pot consists of a stovetop teapot which is specifically used for to brew your coffee beans. It forces the steam to pass right through your ground coffee creating your espresso. The Moka Pot is made out of stainless steel and contains two chambers which are separated by a metal filter cup. The cup contains a few holes which are useful as steam passes through it to rise to the top end of the chamber. The top Chamber contains the final espresso with a handle to help pour it.

  • Firstly, gather a clean Moka Pot and very fine coffee beans from which you want your espresso to be made.
  • Now, unscrew the top chamber. It has to be separated from the bottom chamber and also the metal filter cup has to be removed.
  • Till the valve level, pour some water into the bottom chamber. You can find the valve on one of the sides of the bottom chamber.
  • Next, you have to place the metal filter cup inside the bottom chamber. Also put the coffee beans into the cup until it is full.
  • Shake the cup well so that the metal filter is completely full and nicely leveled. Avoid pushing the coffee beans with firm hands as it could impede the water from rising up from the bottom chamber.
  • Now, Screw back the top chamber on the metal cup and the bottom chamber. Make sure it is tightly done.
  • Put the chamber on stove so as to boil the water. In few minutes, you would find the drink brewed and rising up to the top chamber.
  • Finally, you can remove the Pot from the gas stove. Pour the coffee according to your taste.

Steps to Make Espresso using an AeroPress

Although there is still some debate whether the AeroPress can actually create a drink worthy of being qualified as Espresso, but still the taste of the cappuccino is incredible. The AeroPress is also an inexpensive item like the Moka Pot. It consists of a plastic chamber along with cup, filter and a plunger. The plunger functions to provide the required pressure for the coffee beans to brew. It may not be the most eye-pleasing product out there in the market but it is definitely effective.

  • Gather some fine ground coffee along with filters for the AeroPress.
  • Pour some water into a separate container and put it on boil. Allow it to sit down for a couple of minutes thereafter.
  • Now, screw open the AeroPress to separate it from the plunger and the cap.
  • Screw the cap back to the bottom chamber after placing the filter inside it.
  • Put the ground coffee inside the bottom chamber. Tamp it down evenly.
  • Next, take another filter and put it on the top of tampered coffee. It is done so as to prevent the water ruining the coffee grounds.
  • Now pour the boiling water from the container into the chamber. Assemble the AeroPress back together.
  • Now press the AeroPress plunger to extract your coffee manually.


You can find a few other ways of creating your brew with an espresso machine, but these two methods provided us with the best results. But then, it also depends upon the consumer’s taste. But the fact is, for an average drinker, there are a lot of options still open to drink espresso besides buying a specific machine for it.

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