Why Medical Career in India is a Lucrative Option?

Respect, security and money are the prime objectives of most of the students when it comes to career choice. So, many students aspire to take up medical career and have a life of respect, security and prosperity. Though money shouldn’t be the main objective for the medical career aspirants, but in India, the medical professionals have quite secure and respectable lifestyle. So, taking up any profession in the medical field is a lucrative option and you have a lot of scope in future. As they are great, they are not easy to achieve and you have to work hard for the opportunities.


Working hard for medical career

Medical career is the target of most of the students in India and no doubt, the best students and the toppers in the entrance exams get to study in the best colleges across the country. So, if you want to get admission into the best colleges and have a jump start to your medical career, you have to work hard and get among the top ranks in the exams like AIPMT and get admission in your dream college for MBBS and BDS degrees. Apart from that, the NEET (National Eligibility cum Entrance Test) is being replaced by AIPMT 2016 as per the decision taken by the honorable Supreme Court of India and so the students have to appear for the AIPMT 2016 for getting through to the top colleges in India except the state of Andhra Pradesh. They can also take part in the institutes like BHU or AFMC who have voluntarily decided to take students from the AIPMT 2016 ranks.

The various options in medical career

There are a lot of scopes in the medical field in India and most of them are lucrative ones. So here are some of the options which are taken up by the students:

  • Physician- it requires an MBBS degree which comprises of 5.5 years and an internship after that. The students can take admission from AIPMT 2016 results.
  • Dental surgeon- it requires a BDS degree comprising of 4 years and an internship after that. It deals with the medication of teeth and jaw.
  • Optometrist- the profession involves vision care and medication of eyes. It is also among the top professions in medical field.
  • BAMS- many students go for Bachelor in Ayurveda Medicine and Surgery as it is also among the top medical scopes and very popular among the people.
  • Pharmacist- it deals with the medicines and the knowledge about the medications in disease state administration.
  • Physiotherapist- many people require it nowadays for retaining the optimal physical functioning. It’s mainly required by the people with physical deformities or challenges.
  • Nursing- it goes parallel with the medical profession and has huge significance in surgical fields.

Scope for further education and better opportunities

The medical profession also has a lot of opportunities for further studies and more expertise in the field. For example, the students appearing for the AIPMT 2016 for MBBS course can go for further studies in (MD/ MS) comprising of 3 years for post graduate degree and have expertise in medicine and surgery. You can also have increased opportunities in medical profession as the requirement is increasing in many fields and there is increasing requirement of pharmacists and physiotherapists.

Increased requirements in newer fields

There are a lot of new fields which have opened up in recent times like sports medicine and physiotherapy which is mainly required by the sportsmen for maintaining body fitness and ability. Requirement in the field of nutritional experts and it has a lot of money. Recent technological advancements have also opened up a lot of requirements in fields like forensics, radiation medicine, psychiatry, etc. So, on a whole medical career is a lucrative option for any student.

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