3 Immediate Benefits CRM Adds To Your Online Store

It’s not unusual for businesses to rely on customer relationship management software (CRM). But up until recently, ecommerce stores rarely used such software to nurture and to vet leads. Primarily, this was because such software had little to offer the online business. However, much has changed in this arena in recent years, with newer ecommerce CRM solutions changing the way that businesses view and use this software.

As ecommerce has evolved, so have the dynamics of the software solutions providers. No longer is CRM only designed as a customer contact management list. The newest and most popular ecommerce suites offer a wide range of usability that span the gambit from analytics, to sales channel integrations, accounting and even shipping and returns, just to name a few.

Amongst the many offerings that newer CRM services offer, these following three easily are list-toppers.


Omni Channel Data & Analytics

Most online stores are not just sitting in one place. They are expansive in their scope and target multiple storefronts, marketplaces and sales channels in a progressive manner. But harvesting all of the data from these channels is exhaustive if not impossible; given that they do not all talk to one another and also given that most analytics programs don’t integrate with them.

In enters a robust CRM solution. Using custom integrations that connect to all of these channels, they are able to pull all of the customer and order data simultaneously and instantly. This results in the deepest possible analytics, which enable a business to know how to reach out and appeal to customers based upon trends, patterns, shopping and returns behavior to vet leads and improve their bottom line.

Powerful Integrations

Of course, CRM is not nearly as useful without the integrations. For example, ecommerce CRM can offer a host of integrations that range from shipping to automated returns, payment processing, accounting, order fulfillment, live chat, online reviews, social media and so much more.

Leading providers have entire teams dedicated to the development of new integrations all of the time. The important part is that these providers already have a ton of integrations available at the present. What this means is that online businesses can connect to their most popular shopping carts, sales channels and software integrations and cull their customer data from one centralized hub, able to use that data to better reach their target customers, improve relationships, enhance retention and boost profits.

Team Chat, Calendars& Task Lists

Last, but most certainly not least, team connectivity is the backbone for production. With these solutions for ecommerce CRM does also come the integrated functions. Things like team/personal calendars, team chat with tagging, task lists with team tagging and more. All of this functionality helps serve a critical role in improving communication and productivity with accountability as the mainstay.

If these top three items make sense to you, and you are running an online business, CRM might be the next step for your company. Do yourself a favor and spend some time researching it. It could just be one of the smartest moves you make to grow your online business.

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