EaseUS Todo Backup – Copy and Clone Hard Drive

The EaseUS Todo Backup free is very simple and easy to use software. It is easy to integrate with the windows. It is one of the simplest and most comprehensive software out there. It supports all types of files. Just by simply double clicking on any Todo backup files you can open the folder. It lets the user browse easily and recover the individual essential file and folders by using Windows Explorer. For those who want the entire content to be recovered, it provides a fully integrated restore function. The latest version of EaseUS Todo backup has lots of improvements from the older versions. So it has now become more versatile and user-friendly. A separate management tab has been incorporated. This helps in easy re-running and checking the jobs and log tabs. By checking the job you can see the progress of the work. Log tabs give information regarding the time when backups were done. The EaseUS Todo Backup has a feature which includes partition and drives imaging. The pre-boot environment feature installs to the boot drive so as to recover the system without using any other media.

How to Clone Hard Drive: Disk cloning is the perfect way to copy the content of the disk to another one in the easiest way. This sort of cloning you may require in many situations. If you are unable to clone the copy of content then it may arise many worse conditions. So this situation is needed to handle in a safe manner and also need to introduce reliable software which could copy the entire content of the system with ease. EaseUS Todo Backup is software which can easily handle the situation and can clone the whole data which you can later transfer to another disk. Now you may know step by step procedure to clone the hard drive with this program. Here are the steps:




  • Firstly, launch EaseUS Todo Backup workstation and click CLONE.
  • Now select the disk which you intend to clone and then click on NEXT button in the Disk clone windows.
  • Now choose the destination disk and then click NEXT. Here you get sector by sector clone option which enables you to clone all sectors from source to destination disk.
  • Now preview the disk layout and click on PROCEED in order to clone the disk.

Clone HDD to SSD: In some situation you need to upgrade your HDD to the new drive. So in that case you have two choices: first – clone your hard drive and second- migrate the hard drive content to SSD. If you choose the option means clone your hard drive then there might be a possibility that some files will not fit into SSD. But using software such as EaseUS Todo backup workstation, you can do all things within minutes. In order to migrate the system to SSD, you need to have backup everything. You also need to follow few instructions in order to carry the procedure so that all the content can be easily cloned.

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