Make your system Virus free with the Bitdefender free Anti-virus

The Bitdefender free antivirus is without a doubt one of the most powerful and effective antivirus programs that are available in the market.It gives complete web protection and offers comprehensive security features. All the incoming and outgoing traffic is monitored. It blocks phishing attacks and other emails with malicious attachments that can cause severe damage to your system. It comes with a high performance antivirus engine that relies on cloud computing to learn about new threats in real time. Hence, it is an ideal solution set for all virus attacks affecting the system. And you can get your lost files form this free data recovery software .

Non-intrusive and effective solution:

Bitdefender Free Antivirus keeps working on the protection of your system without hogging resources and weighing down your OS. It keeps a continuous check and monitors any suspicious activity that can affect your computer. Once you install it in your system, it starts functioning right away recover deleted files and doesn’t require any input from the user.

Easy to install and providesreal-time protection

The installation of the software is very easy. It doesn’t require any technical expertise to configure the program. It is very user friendly and by following a couple of very simple steps, you can easilydeploy this free software. Its starts scanning when the computer is turned on. Once this scan is done, it tells the currentstatus of any malware in your system.

Timely and regular scanning

The system is not only scanned during the on demand scans, it constantly keeps monitoring the activities going on in the system and prevents any virus, or threats from intruding in the system. It has thus been optimized to protect the system from e-threats.

One-clickcontrol and user-friendly interface

With just one click you can easily start the complete scanning of your system. It will display the current status of protection and the level of safety of your system.

Log files and Quarantine

Any suspicious activity and threats that are identified are gathered together. Once it is sent to the Quarantine, a log is maintained. From this log, the users can easily decide which files they want to keep and which ones have to be deleted from the system.

Delivering high performance

Bitdefender Antivirus provides software that is very effective in quarantining and detects the suspicious and malicious activity and threats, damaging the system. It doesn’t hinder the normal functioning of the system. Once the scanning of the system has started, it provides quick results and then finishes the scan quickly.

One of the best features is that it is very user friendly and provides added benefits and features that other antiviruses in the same category would not provide. Most importantly, it is a free tool, easy to use and very light on resources.

Hence, Bitdefender Free Antivirus is an effective and complete solution to protect your system from threats and unidentified malware. You can also upgrade the software to the paid version if you want additional features.

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