5 Ways a Skin Can Save Your Galaxy S7 Edge

You’ve ruined enough phones for the lesson to sink in: without proper protection, you will damage your phone. It’s a financially important one. The average phone isn’t cheap, and when you upgrade the broken one for a new model, you’ll have to pay the difference of your old contract. Your chequing account can’t manage it anymore, which is why you need to investigate the best ways to protect your latest acquisition, the Galaxy S7. Many of your fellow S7 owners choose the defence of a bulky, plastic case, thinking that bigger is better, but don’t be fooled the same way. These hulking cases don’t measure up to the alternatives out on the market. Here are just 5 ways that vinyl skins are a better choice.


  1. Extra Grip – Let’s face it. These supposedly “handheld” devices are actually incredibly hard to keep a hold of. This is true about the Galaxy S7. Though smaller than other phablets its size makes it difficult to wield. Sending off a quick text or snapping a cool pic one handed is a little like asking for trouble. One wrong move and your S7 joins the long list of other phones in your past. The raised texture of a vinyl skin gives the slippery device a bit of traction. In your hands.Against slick surfaces. While it won’t exactly make it stick wherever you rest it, the vinyl certainly makes it easier to hold.
  2. Anti-Grime – The Galaxy S7 may have earned the title of best phone in 2016, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t flawless. Case in point, the grime magnet that is the Gorilla Glass body. In every review critics have mentioned its unique ability to collect fingerprints and other oily smudges, to the point that the device compares to the texture of an Expressionist painting. Once a Galaxy S7 skin is wrapped around the phone, this problem disappears. The vinyl doesn’t accumulate grime like the glass does, so you don’t have to wipe down your smartphone after every call.
  3. Water Resistant – The same properties that make it grime resistant make it impervious to water – within reason. You won’t be able to go for a swim in the ocean with your S7, but it will be safe against accidental spills. Water and other liquids will bead up against the impermeable vinyl until you soak it up with a cloth – easy peasy.
  4. Scratch-free – Have you ever thrown a phone from yesteryear into your bag without thinking? Or maybe it’s an extra-large pocket with loose change and other items floating around. If you have, then you’ll notice your cell doesn’t come out completely unscathed. Coins, pens, and other sharp objects take a bite out of the smooth body, leaving behind score marks that seriously ruin its cool factor. A Galaxy S7 skin absorbs the damage that would otherwise scratch or gouge your S7 – even if you happen to make a habit of throwing it in your bag.
  5. Fit – Last but certainly not least is the way the vinyl forms to any smartphone. Skin manufacturers who have been in the business for a long time know that their product will always outperform a case because of the way it fits. Unlike a case, which clasps onto a cell and adds serious bulk to its dimensions, an S7 skin is less than a millimetre thin and matches the phone curve for curve. Some, like the engineers at dbrand, can offer a fit within the micro-millimetre. To see how well that fits, check out dbrand.com/shop/samsung-galaxy-s7-skins.

While you’re investigating the fit, you’ll see that they come in a variety of colours and textures – enough to make one that complements your personal style. Forget bulky plastic cases. Save your cell and your bank account by investing in a skin.

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