FileVid  – Facebook Video Downloader Review

After checking its functionalities and using facebook video downloader tool we can’t forget it to use every time when we need to download any Facebook videos.


FileVid is a free tool which provides facility to download Facebook videos at one place so you don’t need to find other blog for it. Facebook users can download each and every Facebook videos by using FileVid because there is no limit of downloading.


  • Provide Quality option when Download any Video
  • Ads Free Download
  • Simple and Easy process for download
  • One Click download available
  • No Registration Required
  • Less Time Consuming
  • Fast download speed from Server

Advantages of FileVid:

Easy to Understand Procedure:

FileVid provide downloading facility without following long procedure which irritating users to stay away from site so here you will able to download Facebook Videos instantly by one or two clicks so it becomes easier for user to download video without any confusion.

Low Quality and HD Quality:

Here user has option to download videos in Low quality as well as high quality which depend on user’s mind. If anybody don’t want to waste their internet data on HD videos which bigger then low quality videos so they can easily download low quality video by click on it. Or if anybody wants to download video in high quality (HD) which has too much crazed now so that people can click on High Quality Video for download in HD resolution.

No buffering or loading period:

If we go to any other site and try to download any Facebook video from that site. So first it load whole video to their server and then after its provide us a link to download a video which is too much time consuming and some time it failed to load so we have to try again and again. But on FileVid you will not experience any bad think. Filevid do not take a time to load whole Facebook video to their server. It directly provides us a link to download Facebook Video immediately after paste your Facebook video url in text field.

Too much Faster than Other:

Now everybody wants to complete everything in less time. FileVid is providing fast download speed to everyone who does not waste their time to slow downloading because it waste user’s golden time. After click on Download, it automatically starts downloading on your PC or on your Mobile with high speed as possible.

Support All Platform and OS:

FileVid is not limited to just one platform but user has choice and facility to use this free tool from Desktop, Laptop, Mobile, iPhone, BlackBerry and more platforms. And also it support all OS like Android, Windows, Linux, BlackBerry etc so there is no boundaries to use it.


After discuss on its features and benefits we can says that it is one of the best Facebook video downloader now for all facebook user  who loved to download Facebook videos at anytime or from anywhere. It is recommended for all Facebook users after using it.

Quick Tips for Getting Ahead in Engineering Exams

Engineering is the most respected and the most sought after professional study. However, there have been a sudden increase in the engineering colleges making it difficult to actually look for top private engineering colleges in India. For this reason many engineering students are often under immense psychological pressure to get through. It becomes practically impossible to get through and many often fail the exams. However, if one is ready to follow practical advice and make changes accordingly then the way would become a lot easier. Through this article, you will get quick tips for getting through with your engineering exams.

Early start

Often it happens that when the exams are approaching, engineering students tend to waste time. Around the time of semester they ignore the time involved. It is their sheer ignorance that leads to wasting precious time. Taking time off for relaxation is one thing, but ignoring the time involved in other activities leads to trouble later on. Begin by an early start, prepare stuff that is being taught in the classroom lecture and start paying attention. This will take the load off from preparing it all at the end of the semester. Preparing one portion each day with your study material will help you get ahead and have a right start.

Teaching others

If you are thinking that studying alone will help you then you are wrong. It is all about studying harder without other students who are not able to come up to the level. It is all about helping out the students who are weak in studies. You can mentor them and teach them. This would help you with clarity of concept and etch things in your memory. Not only will you prepare concepts in advance, but will also make you study harder for preparing them. To be able to teach others you will need to be clear first, this is what puts you in a god competitive streak against your own performance.

Essential sections

Now the essential sections pertain to the portions with more marks. You will need to identify these and work on these. For this you will need to go through the previous year’s question papers and analyze them. The next step is to start preparing these each day dedicatedly that would have you all on your fingertips. Many question papers are prepared containing essential sections. If you are aware about it then you will be able to at least score 40% straight.

Regular sections

You might have observed the pattern of the sample question papers already. This would help you understand all about the usual questions that are included in most of the papers. These are the repeated questions that often make their way into examination papers. This will help you in grabbing marks easily.


This is the biggest evil that comes in way of your success. Often it happens that due to mental pressure or due to our slow approach towards the topic leads to lackadaisicalness. Putting off something right now just because you can do it later on is not the way to approach something. It only slows you down and then leads to trouble later on.

On a closing note, you need to have a positive group of students around you. It is all about seeking likeminded studious group who is competitive and ahead in studies. This will help you pick up on your studies and will help in getting through subjects with clarity. Additionally, when you are engaged with studious study group you will be able to pick up on different stuff that you might have missed out on self studies. All this will help you get through and be a part of top private engineering colleges in India.

How to Get Paid for Your Freelance Writing Projects On Time, Every Time

Acquiring new clients, getting a steady stream of work, and staying on top of your finances are some of the most important skills every freelance writer needs to master. Unfortunately, more often than not, getting paid or paid on time can become a freelancer’s biggest problem. You’ve completed your part of the bargain, yet you’re still waiting for the payment.

According to a Freelancers Union survey, about half of the participants reported problems with getting paid. The study, cited by, also revealed that are owned over $10,000 in unpaid invoices and spend approximately 36 hours chasing missing payments.

Without a doubt, companies need to be held accountable for paying freelancers on time, every time. However, there are still some essential steps you can take to protect yourself from deceptive clients and get paid for your freelance writing projects.

  1. Read the Contract Carefully

Most freelance writers don’t pay close attention to the contract and sign it after just glancing through it without understanding their right completely. And, it’s understandable – companies tend to throw seven-page contracts full of legal terms at writers when, in fact, all they care about is “how much money will make?”

If a client has yet to pay you for your work, read the contract carefully to see if the company has violated its part of the deal. Some clients have ambiguous time frames as to when you will get paid. Or, if you work with an advertising agency, the contract might specify that you won’t receive payment until the work is reviewed and approved by the company that hired the agency. In that case, there’s not much you can do to force the client to pay you.

But, if the contract mentions a specific time frame as to when you will get paid for your content writing, then the company has clearly violated their part of the deal. When this happens, you can move on to the following step.

  1. Provide a Kind Reminder

If a client is late with thepayment, don’t rush to threaten to sue them. Instead, a wise move is to let them know that you understand your rights, and you expect them to meet their part of the contract. The best way to do this is with a kind reminder.

Let them know that you’ve completed your obligations under the contract. Provide the specific paragraph from the agreement which forces the company to make the payment by a specific time frame.

If the client doesn’t respond to your kind reminder(s), let them know you are ready to pursue legal actions if they don’t respect their end of the contract. If the client still doesn’t respond, then it’s time to…

  1. Pull Out the Big Guns

There’s only so much frustration you can experience when paymentis delayed. If the amount of money the client owns you is significant, you can pull out the big guns and go to court to force them to pay you for your content writing services.

Most contracts stipulate the company is obligated to pay your lawyer’s fees if you win. Therefore, going to court can be expensive for companies, and they prefer to avoid that.

If you’ve decided to take legal actions, make sure you send your client a letter letting them know this is a final warning. Also, give them a deadline by which you expect to receive the payment, or you’ll file a lawsuit.

  1. Know Your Rights

When you sign a contract with a client, ensure you understand the terms you agree to. Read the contract carefully or ask a lawyer friend to help you understand the legal jargon. If you think the agreement doesn’t protect your rights, ask the client if they’ll allow you to make changes to the contract.

If the company allows you to perform changes, you might want to include the lawyer’s fees in the eventually of a lawsuit and a penalty clause that will increase the amount owned if the company continues to delay its payment.

Contracts can be intimidating, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Before you accept a new freelance writing project, make sure you have at least a written document covering the basics of the job – who you are, what the project is, how much will you get paid, when will you receive payment, who own the work, and so on. That way, if a client fails to pay you, you won’t be completely unprotected.

Increase efficiency and improve sales with PIM software

In almost all industries, it is imperative that you have instant access to reliable and consistent data throughout the organization. When you have this, you can accelerate time to market, improve sales and also the data quality for your company. This is achieved through product information management (PIM) systems.

Having fast and easy access to accurate data has never been more important for businesses and this is because we now live in such a fast paced and data driven world. Across dozens of different industries, there is a requirement for all areas of the business to have immediate access to timely and reliable data. When you have this, it can enable your business to streamline operations, recognize significant savings and maximize growth. This is true in dozens of different industries, including but not limited to distribution, retail, manufacturing, healthcare, entertainment and energy. Ultimately, every business within these industries can benefit greatly from having the ability to centralize, connect and control content through the use of a single source.

This can be achieved through something that is called product information management (PIM). Available from data solutions specialists, PIM provides enterprise wide access to detailed data and information which can include supplier, sales and customer information. When all sectors of a business can access this data, such as IT, sales, merchandising, accounts, marketing and all other sectors, it allows for product data collaboration and synchronization across the entire company. With this, you will benefit from data consistency and mission critical decisions can be made. All of this will enable businesses to increase sales, improve data quality and accelerate time to market.

When you opt for PIM software from reputable and trusted data solutions specialists, you will be amazed at the impact that it can have on your company. Without PIM in place, there are some staggering statistics which speak volumes about the importance of having the software in place. Supply chain information inefficiencies result in the loss of 3.5% of sales each year, whilst a worrying 30% of data in catalogs have errors. In addition to this, 60% of invoices have errors and it costs up to $400 to reconcile this error. Finally, it takes an average of 4 weeks to roll out a new product. These are all reasons why PIM should be put in place, and it will not take long to notice the improvement in efficiency.

In an increasingly data driven world, all businesses require easy and fast access to consistent and accurate data. With this, you are able to streamline your operation, maximize growth and increase profit margins. This is possible with PIM, which provides a single repository where accurate data can instantly be obtained throughout the entire company. This allows for product data collaboration and synchronization across all systems. All of this ensures that PIM will accelerate time to market, improve data quality for your business and also increase sales and consequently making you more efficient and successful than before.

Latest Deals and Offers of Top Sites

Designer pieces are an attraction for buyers with different heights of income ceiling. There are several psychological reasons for your being crazy for designer items. First of all, it gives you a strong feel that the item is high in quality. Secondly, it is exclusive and there is no chance to spot a twin anywhere. Thirdly, it becomes a pride of possession for you.

Designer pieces are easily available at the brick and mortar shops. Still, the buyers are flocking towards the online stores to make a purchase of designer items. Why is the trend? Let us dig deep into the reasons behind such rising craziness over online shopping.

You enjoy great company

By going for online purchase, you become one of the tech-savvy buyers who prefer shopping online. And you will also be a part of well-heeled community who prefer going with the designer pieces.

The big brands with their fascinating range of designer items are easily accessible online. Prada, YSL, Chanel, Bottega, Coach etc are some of the names you are most likely to be familiar with. Whatever brand you have in mind, internet has all of them. Every designer loves showcasing their work online and they find takers for their creations, Snapdeal coupons on designer products find a large number of takers every day.

You enjoy convenience and comfort

These two are the top-most reasons for why an increasing number of individuals are driven towards online shopping. You can choose from a vast selection of designer items without actually being present at the physical stores. Home shopping allows you to buy anything from comfort of your home or any place and at the time convenient to you. It is really a far better idea than travelling miles to reach the shopping mall and bargaining with the shopkeepers after beating the crowd on your way and at the site.

Flipkart discount coupons will make your day as you will realize that designer items also come at pocket-friendly prices.

You enjoy instant gratification

With online shopping, you have the chance of instant gratification. If you like an item, you have the chance to buy it immediately. Place an order by entering the requisite details. You don’t have to make a payment immediately as most of the vendors also have an option of ‘cash on delivery’.

Avoid sales tax

It is another reason why should visit the virtual stores for designer creations. And yes, there are attractive online shopping coupons to convince you that online shopping is the best way of buying designer items.

Samsung Apologizes For steering users far from windows 10

Well, that changed into short! Samsung has issued a public apology for remarks made via its support team of workers that requested users no longer to upgrade to home windows 10 due to incompatible drivers.

Samsung Logo Light

This tale broke out the day gone by, and reason a chunk of a stir.

It so went that some of Samsung clients experienced bugs and problems after making their upgrades to windows 10, and employer aid representatives in the united kingdom told them through private emails that they encouraged staying with the cutting-edge windows variations.

at least, until the proper drivers are to be had.

but in a announcement furnished to the authentic supply, Samsung now says that what users acquired became incorrect facts and pointed anyone to the organisation’s official website for more information:

“We apologise for any confusion because of a latest incident wherein a customer service representative mistakenly supplied wrong information approximately windows 10 upgrades for Samsung notebooks. We would love to remind our clients that they are able to visit the Samsung internet site wherein there is targeted records on the home windows 10 improve applicability for every Samsung notebook version run via home windows 7, windows 8 and home windows 8.1.”

interestingly, the hardware massive continues to be no longer mainly recommending the improve to home windows 10, asking customers to as a substitute test on-line whether or not their model is like minded with the today’s model of the running machine or no longer.

alternatively, Samsung isn’t alone in having those motive force troubles.

several carriers have had problems with drivers in particular for home windows 10, inclusive of VAIO and Sony, the former of which went thru a comparable ordeal asking customers no longer to upgrade to the new OS.

genuinely, this is something in an effort to take some time to get proper, as dealing with drivers is one of the hardest matters for hardware corporations.