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How To Use The abof 3D Trial Room

A lot has changed in the fashion world in the last decade. With the convergence of technology and fashion, consumers can now easily avail products via e-commerce platforms. Access to a variety of brands has become much easier and this has been a major contributor to an increased interest in fashion.

Here are some of the ways that technology has shaped the fashion industry:

Online stores and apps galore!

In the past few years if there’s anything that’s changed in the fashion industry it is the buying and selling of clothes and accessories on the internet. Never had anyone imagined that fashion technology would advance to a point where consumers can see their apparel online and purchase it on credit, debit or cash on delivery.


YouTube tutorials

Confused about a new brand? A new piece of clothing? A new make-up kit. Why worry, just go watch a video on YouTube where hundreds of experts break down fashion tips and advice for you. Whether it is wearing a piece of clothing four different ways or pairing it up with the best accessory, they’ve got it all.

Technology trends make it easy for brands to sponsor YouTube videos by allowing experts to make tutorials and market their product thereby, succeeding at a fantastic advertising strategy. These videos are often watched and subscribed to by thousands of people.


Instagram and other social media style guides driving sales

Technology in retail is opening doors for opportunities like no other. Marketing, branding and sales are carried out through social media that have generated tremendous sale and profits for fashion companies.

Social media after all is as good as free advertising – Facebook’s promotional shares, adverts onPinterest and Instagram blogs –  technology in fashion has definitely raised the bar.


3D printing influence

The 2016 Met Gala saw a revolutionary trend of technology in fashion with 3D print parts of geometrical shapes and dresses. 3D printing of fashion is becoming a tool of innovation for fashion designers where they are able to merge technology and new age fashion to create bold, edgy designs. 3D print apparel has now become the wearable technology today’s era.


3D trial rooms

This is yet another technological phenomenon that captured the fashion industry.

abof has introduced several 3D trial rooms where the online shopper can now enter three basic body measurements that will create a digital avatar that resembles their body. Customers can then try on all types of clothing on the avatar to see how it would look if they wore it. The rate of return of clothes bought via 3D portal are very low.

This kind of technology literally allows you to shop and try out clothes all from the comfort of your home.

Need a WordPress Autopopup Newsletter Tool? You’ve got it!


So you want to get more subscribers on your list and you’ve decided to put some thought into developing the best WordPress form for that: The Newsletter Form. Now, where to start?

We’ve got the right tool for you – it’s a WordPress Form Plugin. What does it do? It helps you create all kinds of WordPress forms. Do you need a WordPress contact form, a WordPress feedback form or maybe a WordPress customer survey? Look no further! With CaptainForm you can create these and many others in minutes.  All you have to do is install the CaptainForm plugin and start a three step journey to create the newsletter subscription form to fit your business.

(1) Edit Form- After you select New Form, start with the Newsletter Subscription Form template ( Find it in the Other Form dropdown) and Edit away by dragging and dropping the fields you need. Name and email fields are usually enough for this type of WordPress form, but you can definitely personalize it according to your needs by adding images or an attention-grabbing headline. If you know HTML you can also add HTML content to your form. There’s a dedicated field for that.


(2) Settings-  From the Settings dropdown select Themes and you’ll be able to add a logo to your form, customize the background and form frame, set the highlight, buttons and more. From the same dropdown you can choose to integrate your form with 3rd Party Apps , set Payments, Security or add Rules. Take advantage of the Preview section to see how your form will look like.

(3) Publish- You’ve come to the final step: now you can select the publishing method suitable for you. If you want your WordPress Newsletter to automatically pop up on a page or in a post, this is where you can set it to appear after a certain number of seconds.


See how easy it was to create? Now you’ll reach your clients’ inbox in a flash!


But there’s a lot more you can do with this WordPress form building tool so make sure you add it to your toolkit!