Need a WordPress Autopopup Newsletter Tool? You’ve got it!


So you want to get more subscribers on your list and you’ve decided to put some thought into developing the best WordPress form for that: The Newsletter Form. Now, where to start?

We’ve got the right tool for you – it’s a WordPress Form Plugin. What does it do? It helps you create all kinds of WordPress forms. Do you need a WordPress contact form, a WordPress feedback form or maybe a WordPress customer survey? Look no further! With CaptainForm you can create these and many others in minutes.  All you have to do is install the CaptainForm plugin and start a three step journey to create the newsletter subscription form to fit your business.

(1) Edit Form- After you select New Form, start with the Newsletter Subscription Form template ( Find it in the Other Form dropdown) and Edit away by dragging and dropping the fields you need. Name and email fields are usually enough for this type of WordPress form, but you can definitely personalize it according to your needs by adding images or an attention-grabbing headline. If you know HTML you can also add HTML content to your form. There’s a dedicated field for that.


(2) Settings-  From the Settings dropdown select Themes and you’ll be able to add a logo to your form, customize the background and form frame, set the highlight, buttons and more. From the same dropdown you can choose to integrate your form with 3rd Party Apps , set Payments, Security or add Rules. Take advantage of the Preview section to see how your form will look like.

(3) Publish- You’ve come to the final step: now you can select the publishing method suitable for you. If you want your WordPress Newsletter to automatically pop up on a page or in a post, this is where you can set it to appear after a certain number of seconds.


See how easy it was to create? Now you’ll reach your clients’ inbox in a flash!


But there’s a lot more you can do with this WordPress form building tool so make sure you add it to your toolkit!

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