How to Find Good Indian Restaurant?

It is often believed that Indian food is just a pot full of spice, enough to make your inners churn. But that is not entirely true. While Indian food does tend to be on the spicy-side of cuisine, it has a large variety of dishes which are anything but spicy. With so much variety being offered to you, we wonder why you would not like to taste some of it! While you are on it, we provide you a quick lowdown on what to expect when ordering Indian food and how to do so:

What is Indian food anyway?

Unlike popular perception, Indian food does not only include food from India. Indian food refers to food from India AND its neighbouring countries. With a somewhat similar culinary culture, the food in and around the Indian subcontinent is highly rich in spices, condiments and the use of vegetables and gravy is essential in Indian food. That is not it, as Indian food offers some brilliant sweet dishes too which are so delicious that you might think you are tasting silver. Too fancy!!

What is an Indian restaurant food like?

An Indian restaurant would largely divide its menu the way any other restaurant does, viz. appetizers, drinks, main course, desserts and such. Allow us to give you a quick sneak peek into what all you can expect in each category!

  • Appetizers: Indian food has delicious appetizers. Be it the good old kebab or the all-famous samosa, India appetizers are usually deep fried and served with a mix of sauces such as chutney or even yogurt. These add-ons help mellow down the spicy flavour of appetizers and provide a richer texture to them. Pakora too is one appetizer that is quite popular among the masses.
  • Drinks:Indian drinks tend to appeal to the sweeter side of your taste buds. The queen of Indian drinks is lassi, a shake kind of drink made from churning yogurt with added sugar. Another popular drink is Panakam, which is made from water, ginger, sugar and limejuice. If you want to stick to some alcoholic drinks, Indian Pale Ale could be your buy.
  • Main Course: Many Indian restaurants provide an all-vegetarian menu. They serve brilliant curries which are made with different vegetables and based on yogurt or coconut marinade, among others. Ordering a curry is a must when you go to any Indian restaurant as that is usually the most special food item available on the menu.
  • Desserts: Indian desserts are super flamboyant and fancy. Most of eh desserts are milk-based and rich in sugar content. A highly popular pudding is kheer, which is made from rice soaked in milk, cooked with raisins, almonds and saffron. The sweet dishes will straight away touch your heart with their rich flavour and texture.


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