How to Get More Reviews for Your Android / iOS Apps from Users?

There are many developers, who do not give much value to the ratings and reviews from their users. The number of reasons is high, but developers can rest when it comes to reviews and ratings. When the developers are Whatsapp, Facebook, Instagram and many other major messaging apps.

But make no mistake about it because they have been into the market for a while and they are messaging app trusted by the millions of people. They are a brand which everyone recognizes but your app is a brand when you compare them top these major apps?

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Benefits of Ratings and Reviews

Before you can judge, you should know the value of the reviews and ratings. Here comes the best.

  • High Rated apps get better visibility on Play store and iStore.
  • Better visibility also opens up an opportunity. People trust the fellow users and they view your app after they are convinced by the ratings.
  • Reviews, they play crucial role because they are the feedbacks after using the apps and convince the people even to buy the app.

Leverage from Users

It’s not an easy task to get more reviews, isn’t it? Well here you can find some useful tips on how to get reviews for your android application. But why not leverage from your existing users, you can set up a stage for them to rate and review your app on the iStore or Google store.

You existing users like your app and they know more about the features and how they have been using them to finish their needs.

Use Creativity

The World is filled with lazy people and yeah, it is true that many of the existing users are lazy enough to add a simple comment on the store. Why don’t you use your creative idea to make it easy for them to rate and comment on the iStore and Google play.

You can use a plugin in the app so that they can access to the panel instantly to review their point of view and remarks within. Many of the major apps have now started to adapt this feature and yes, it has working remarkably.

Offer Users for Writing Review and Adding Ratings

Few years ago, a major game app has started this feature on their game so that they can get better and what they deserve for their marvelous work. Amazingly the app reviews and ratings drastically increased that they have made it to Top 100 charts in a week. Later after a month they reached in the Top 20.

Amazingly, the exposure has significantly increased, which has also had a great impact on the visibility and ending up with more downloads and users.

A Contest

Few months ago, a clothing shopping app has initiated a contest in exchange for Reviews & ratings and guess what the contest has done more than they have expected because what at stake was 20% off on all clothing products.

What was the contest was about

Right after the contest, the app was on the Top 100 charts and also made good amount of popularity on social media. 20% off has made a great impact on the new users as well. Visibility has significantly increased and new users started to download and used the app, which was never part of the plan.

20% off increased to 30% only when customer is purchasing from the selected products. I don’t know what happened next but one thing is sure that contest with unreliable offer always clicks.

Example Contest:

  • Game:Offer extra 1000 points and upgrades after the review and ratings.
  • Utility:If your app does not have such options then you can ask them rate internally.


It doesn’t matter what kind of category of app your company or developer team is running but in Google Play Store reviews and ratings are needed to convince the people.

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