Why is Android the leading platform in online gambling?

In a previous article we’ve taken a look at the share of mobile operating systems among those engaged in online gambling in one form or another. The numbers are clear: they show that online gambling is much more popular among Android users, which leads with 64%, Apple trailing behind in the stats with a much smaller percentage. But, aside from their preference for an open mobile platform, what makes Android users the leading consumers of mobile casino games?

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The rules are different

The numbers don’t lie: Android is clearly the leading mobile operating system. It’s also the more restrictive: the rules of the Google Play Store don’t currently allow the listing of real money online games. This means that there are no native Android apps available for those who want to play the games at Vegas Palms Mobile on the go – they have to make do with the mobile browser version of the casino. Not that this would be a problem: the Vegas Palms Mobile is a great cross-platform solution, with more than 100 games for its players to explore.

Compared to Google, Apple is much more permissive. A few years ago it has eliminated its restriction on listing real money betting apps, so all major gambling businesses launched their native iPhone solutions – to a great success. While this might sound like a reason for Apple’s platform to be a market leader when it comes to mobile casinos, betting shops, and poker rooms. But it’s not – and this has nothing to do with policies.

It’s a matter of the market

Android might be the market leader on a global scale, but iOS rules supreme in the US. And that happens to be the country with the strictest anti-online gambling laws in place. This means that players from the US are not allowed to play at the Vegas Palms Mobile, and the Vegas Palms Mobile is not allowed to accept players from the United States. US players that visit https://www.vegaspalmscasino.com/casino-games/slots/ will see the games, will be able to try them free, but they won’t be able to register an account at the casino, and play its games for real money.

In Europe, where players are free to play at the Vegas Palms in most countries, iOS has a smaller market share – and Android is the mobile platform that dominates the market. Thus, when it comes to online gambling, iOS will always trail behind Android. And the difference between the two will be widened by the better availability of affordable Android phones in most regulated markets as well.

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