Technology Gives Social Work a Much-Needed Boost

It’s a well-known fact that social work can be a thankless job. Trying to make a difference in the world is a path met with the most resistance. Getting people to open up their wallets, whether through tax increases for government funding or donations for nonprofit organizations, can be harder than engineering the next greatest iWhatever. But technology is working hard to give social work a much-needed boost, and Millennials – the target demographic – use technology for everything.

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E-mailing Clients/Donors
Although e-mail is nothing new, many organizations are discovering the beauty of subscriber lists. This marketing tool works just as well for social work as it does for for-profit business. When people sign up to receive emails from the government-funded or nonprofit organization, they are kept up to date on the latest needs and victories. If a client or donor can see how the organization is making a difference, he or she will be more inclined to continue, if not increase, the support.
Internet Research
Millennials research everything, and this includes what causes they choose to support. The causes themselves must also do research for their work, and this is done via the internet now instead of the public library. The World Wide Web is home to numerous sites that publish the latest studies for any topic a person can imagine. This helps social workers stay abreast of statistics and pending legislation and helps clients and donors ensure their money is going exactly where they want it to go.
Smartphone Apps
Who says social work cannot monopolize their cause on the smartphone app market? They can and they do. From apps that help future social workers find jobs to apps that counselors can recommend to their clients to help them relax, the future of any business, nonprofit or profit, includes having a smartphone application. People access everything via their smartphone, which is why social work is taking advantage of this technology as well.
Social Networks
Social networking is the new way to promote anything. As evidenced by the latest presidential election, it also opens up debate, which will get social work more publicity than anything else will. Should the debate get out of hand, ACU offers a quick reference to the main principles of mediation, which works well in helping the social network manager diffuse online conflicts. Nonetheless, social media platforms work well in reaching the masses, and should run in tandem with applicable websites.
A Career in Social Work
A career in social work can include everything from getting in the trenches and helping the homeless to lobbying Congress to enact legislation. You can also be on the technical side of social work by handling the technical elements of the tools mentioned above. You’ll need to understand social work even though you’ll be on the “geek” end of it, and Case Western’s social work degree program is fully online, so you can gain knowledge and the necessary skillset in the comfort of your own home.
Technology is changing social work for the positive. Government sectors and nonprofits are utilizing the same tools big businesses are, and they are reaping the benefits of more support for their important causes. Be a social work technology geek and feel good about what you do.

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