All about WInstrol – Stanozol for Lean Mass Gains

Steroids are synthetic chemicals that are administered in the human body in various medical conditions to fetch positive results. Winstrol is one of the most well-known steroids that comes in the category of being an anabolic one. This means specifically formulated to reach the result of muscle making, as its chemical composition is very similar to the male hormone, testosterone.

Winstrol is popularly known by the body builders to be used ‘more as a preservative agent’ for their lean muscles. In a typical routine of following Cutting Cycle phase is meant for its usage by them for this purpose solely. Cutting Cycle means to consume a steroid for preserving the lean muscles in the body. The primary use for Stanozolol is to promote fat storage depletion as well and hence is preserved the muscle mass. This steroid has been given a nod by the FDA itself for human consumption.

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Winstrol is also known as Stanozol

Stanozolol is an oral tablet and it has half life which last just for 9 hours.  While WInstrol Depot lasts for nearly 24hrs. In injectable and pill form Winstrol has C-17 alpha and this is the only steroid which is anabolic and has C-17 alpha alkylated. This is the reason why this steroid can be consumed orally.  The average dosage a woman can use is 10mg and men can start with 50mg dosage.

The efficacy of steroids on the human body in various medical conditions positively is an established fact. Going further on this is about using stack. Stack means using two or more anabolic steroids, most commonly in combination, to get the desired results of achieving in terms of time, cutting the risks of side-effects, and of course getting the desired result in the most optimum of manner. They can be consumed orally or be delivered through injections, and many a times this stack can include steroids fit for veterinary purposes. This, if done unchecked, can lead to steroid abuse with side effects that could prove fatal. The Winstrol cycle is considered to be the one of the best cycles for lean mass gains.

Stanozolol is not suitable for off season use. It doesn’t come with a hormone nature which helps in mass building. Yes, it is not an anabolic steroid which supports this.

When stanozolol is used with other steroids it helps in lowering SHBG and gives out nice synergic effect. This is the reason behind its popularity. Majority of the performance enhancers reported that stanozolol does help in solidifying gains even though there is no proper scientific evidence for this. But based on their experience it has been proved true.

Athletes usually do a trial and error method with various Winstrol doses, stacks and cycles. Once they try it then they come up with the best combination which will give the most effective results. The best way to decide the most sited cycle is your expectation of the end result and how your body reacts to the steroids. Talk to your medical health practitioner today to get started.

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