Metal Roof Installation- Is This the Future of Roofing?

When you hear ‘Metal Roof’, the first image that comes in to your mind, is those pole barns or old tin type of metal roof, that happened way back in 1800’s. But, today, with evolutions of scientific means, metal roof is attractive and durable. It is also very versatile. Copper being the most used, lead roof and humble steel is used as metals for roofing. For hundreds of years, lead has been used as a safe roofing material. Steel can also be made attractive and long lasting with different chemical techniques as a roofing material.

Today, most of the homes use asphalt shingles, which are much less durable than other metal roof. They must be replaced after some point of times, because they get contaminated after a specific period of time. Also, the rainwater which runs of the asphalt, is contaminated and therefore must be drained away. Although, the asphalt shingles are easy to install, they should be replaced after a year or two. The metal roof doesn’t need to be replaced every now and then, and also the run-off rainwater is not harmful, and therefore can be used for irrigation purposes. Also, even if the metal roofs get depleted, it can also be molded and used for something else.

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If the metal roof is properly installed by the installer, then it has a durability same as that of the house. In fact, the metal roofs are also mildew, fire and insect resistant and therefore is made to last a long time. Though metal roofs are slightly heavier than asphalt shingles, it is lighter than old shingles and concrete tile. If you have always been a fan of the shingled look, then metal roofs can also be installed in the form of shingles. In fact, there are many homes around, which are more than a decade old, which have copper shingles.

Most of the metal roofs in market today are very easy to install. They either come in shingles or in a single sheet of metal. The contractors can fix these very easily. The metal roofs keep your home cooler, because they have a low insulation value and therefore reflects back the heat. While, you also have to make sure that your home doesn’t get in to a freezing temperature in winter, you have to leave a gap between the roof and the roof decking, which will create a well-insulated place in your home, which controls your room temperature.

As we discussed earlier, the metal roofs are very versatile and can be applied in to homes with any type of roofs. While the metal roofs can also be installed in peaks to shed snow, it can also be applied with low pitch roofs. Any home can accommodate this type of roofing.

Often people do not see the metal roof as a long-term installment, and they often say that the installation charge is high. But considering the long-term effects, metal roofs are great, since it is durable.

If you are planning on roofing your house, then go for something which is lightweight, durable and fireproof also and that’s a metal roofing. If you are planning to do roofing, go for metal roofing.

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