Support a poor child to receive quality education in Amoli Apurva High School for a year, INR 1550

The percentage of high school girl dropouts has reached an alarming rate of 70% in Jharkhand. The primary reason being the large distances that the girls are forced to travel to reach the Government-run high schools. While almost every village has a primary school, most of the high schools are situated near the villages’ block headquarters. However, the girls have no means of transport therefore are forced to quit their education. To combat this, NBJK established high schools in 3 blocks of Hazauribaug and one such high school is in a village called Mangarh. The NGO received initial monetary support from a donor to establish the high school.

How It Works

• On receiving numerous requests from the villagers, two primary feeder-schools were established in the Prajapatnagar and Bahera villages.
• The children receive education up-to Grade V at the feeder schools and are shifted to Amoli Apurva High School in Mangarh from Grade VI onwards.
• All students receive quality education provided by qualified and experienced teachers at all the schools.

The Statistics

• The 5 high schools established by the NGO support and provide quality education to children in 90 villages to 3000+ students.
• About 100+ students in the Amoli Apurva School in Bahera cannot afford to pay any fee and their education is being provided free of cost.

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