The Possibility of US and China as Economic Allies

China and US are inevitably the strongest nations in the world. The US, being allies with different countries gained control and power over the majority of the world. This provides strength and capability in capturing the advantages of holding on to different sources all over. On the other hand, China’s economic growth has been fast rising from the past years.

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Currently, the two nations are in a bilateral economic relationship wherein they have been working hand in hand to remain the close ties when it comes to economic development. The diplomatic relations started in years back and the trade has been growing since then. Chinese companies have been created across the United States this has provided millions of jobs. Moreover, the United States has also invested in agriculture in China as part of their efforts to prove the improving and strengthening economic ties. China additionally is opening its doors to imported goods from the US. Trade rules have been recently finalized as a mark that it will be beneficial and for the long-term relationship between the two.

The US and China have efforts to maintain an economic partnership, however, the growth of China can be posed as a threat. The ideals of US and China is different and it strongly suggests misunderstanding on the implementation of policies when decided upon to become allies.China, having a communist government where equality is provided through the non-privatization of properties. Whereas the US is liberal democratic and the two are basically of opposition. They have worked their way on top with different strategies and both are the most powerful in the world but the only one can be a hegemon. Thus, being total allies may be of slim chances but the diplomatic affairs of the two nations have been impeccable.

Another factor to be considered is that China has been interested in influencing other countries that are allied with the United States. Although these countries have no confirmation on being supported by China, this can be a spark to a conflict to the United States. The countries included in interest are South Korea and the Philippines due to what the US has imparted on military and economic means. The US, on the other hand, has acted on this by sending ships across the shores of Southeast Asia to secure their long-term allies. President Trump extended efforts to maintain its strength in the area, even pulling out of a trade agreement suggesting a better deal through building their credibility in the Asia Pacific region.

There has been a tough history between the US and China decades ago when the Westerners were affected with the Sino-Japanese battle in Nanking. Americans were killed when the Japanese violently disobeyed the implementation of Safety Zone that was initially made to protect innocent lives. The US then accepted the apology of the Japanese and eventually sent aid to China. From here on, Japan wanted to be independent of the support on supplies coming from the West to solely own the economic wealth. This was posed as a threat to US and trade had to be halted. Japan led the war by bombing the US and China became a military alliance to the States. This was almost certainly the last time the US and China have been an ally to each other; thus being considered as the forgotten allies.

The US and China relationships are not the best and also are not the worst. But underlying the economic ties between the two, China has definitely suggested that they can overpower the existing hegemon and both are up for a dispute. Strategies are needed for the US to maintain its position and China would definitely thrive to take the spot.

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