Ultimate Teen Patti Review – The Game for Card Lovers

The ultimate android app for you to play India’s number 1 card game, the Ultimate Teen Patti app is gaining fans across the country. Currently, over 3 million Teen Patti players from all over the country are playing this android app based game against each other similar to what happens in the real world.

Teen Patti is a very popular card based game in which the participating players take turns on the table to bet money or coins on which of them has the best 3-card hand available to them. They can either bet with (CHAAL) or without (BLIND) looking at their cards. The person who has the best ranking 3-card hand on the table wins all the bets.

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3-Card Hand Ranking depending on cards from High to Low

  1. Trio: Three cards of the exact same rank.
  2. Pure Sequence: Three consecutive cards of any one single suit.
  3. Sequence: Three consecutive cards from any suit.
  4. Flush: Three non-sequenced cards, all belonging to the same suit.
  5. Pair: Two cards of the exact same rank.
  6. High Card: Three cards which are not a part of the above mentioned types.

Different Teen Patti Game Modes

The Ultimate Teen Patti game apk consists of 4 different game types that all the users are enjoying very much. These include:

  1. Classic Teen Patti: This game mode is used to mimic the original table based card game mode of Teen Patti. The table is low BOOT i.e. no bets with high amounts are to be bid. The person with the best 3-card combo depending upon the ranks wins all the bet money on the table.
  2. No-Limit: Similar to the Classic Teen Patti based game, this game mode involves no limit on the highest amount of bet you can placeon the cards. Again, the person with cards at the highest priority on the ranking list would win all the bets placed for that hand.
  3. Variations: A number of different variations of the Teen Patti are available. Some of these includes Hukum, AK47, Lowest Joker, Highest Joker, Muflis and 10x Boot.
  4. Tournaments: Players can also take part against hundreds of other players around the world in the multiple tournaments that take place every day on the app. The tournament mode allows the best players to win a lot of money by participating in the Ultimate Teen Patti’s Weekly Tournaments.

Features of the Teen Patti App

  1. The Ultimate Teen Patti app is the #1 rated Teen Patti available on the Android platform.
  2. This android based card game provides you with an authentic play-to-play experience of playing this very popular card based game, similar to what you experience in real life.
  3. On installation, you get about 300,000 free chips to be able to use in the gameplay.
  4. You receive free bonus chips every 4 hours on the app so that you never run out of chips to play in the game.
  5. The Ultimate Teen Patti app is the only such card based Teen Patti game which provides you with a NO-Limit table that is you can place any amount of bet for a single hand of the game.
  6. This app allows you to set up private tables along with your friends to enjoy the Teen Patti game so that no other outsider becomes a part of your table.
  7. This android based Teen Patti game is available in both English and Hindi to provide you with authentic game experience.
  8. The app does not take a load on your data usage and doesn’t necessarily require you to be on 4G network. This game works perfectly well with 2G and 3G data networks also.
  9. The prize pool for the Ultimate Teen Patti app includes bigger prizes such as tablets, Mobile Phones and more in the lucky draw.
The Last Words

Teen Patti is one of the most popular card-based games across the globe and the Ultimate Teen Patti android app has helped to provide its users with an authentic gameplay to enjoy the game as it is in real life on their smartphones. Now you can play the game along with your friends and win some big prizes as well.