At 153kg, this GIANT SAMOSA is the world’s LARGEST

Love crispy fried samosas filled with spicy potatoes and onions? Look no further, because a giant samosa is here to satiate your hunger pangs! Smashing all records, a king-sized samosa weighing 153.1kg has earned the tag of being the world’s largest. The gigantic snack was made by a dozen volunteers from the Muslim Aid UK charity and then deep-fried in a custom-built vat at East London Mosque. Wondering how it was prepared? Built on a giant wire mesh, it was lifted up into a vat of hot cooking oil before being taken out and weighed.

giant samosa, worlds largest samosa, biggest samosa world record, samosa 153 kg, samosa food, food news, largest samosa london, food, snacks, indian express, indian express newsPeople from the Guinness Book of World Records were also present to critique and certify the mega-samosa. Adjudicator Pravin Patel spelled out the rules and told AFP that it’s got to be “triangular; contain flour, potatoes, onions and peas; be fried, and retain the shape when cooked”. Not just that, he also said, “It’s got to look and feel like a samosa; it’s got to be edible by humans. The critical record is the net weight. Plus it all has to be eaten. No wastage!”

The team kept all the conditions in mind and prepared the massive snack. Project organiser Farid Islam told the agency that it was very tense and his heart was beating all the time. “It looked like it was going to slide off. A crack appeared and I feared the worst,” the 26-year-old added.

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