Online Accounting Software Benefits for Small Businesses

There are many small business owners who have a number of tasks every day in order to make the company successful. An effective solution that various small businesses have started to use is online accounting software. These types of software make the method of evaluating revenue, payroll and cash flow accurately. Your company’s financial data will be safe, but you can access it from anywhere in the world with the proper security code.

Here are some of the benefits a business can get through online accounting software:

1. Easy to use

This accounting software is generally simple to learn and use in daily business operations. As it is set up, you can keep your accounts updated with a few routine data entries. This means you and your employees do not need to worry about sophisticated accounting details and you can do what you need proficiently with a few clicks.

2. Safe

As this accounting software keeps data online, some business owners might be concerned about safety. However, security is the main concern for software companies. Additionally, the online connection makes invoicing simple, get linked up with bank details, and evaluate your business financial health anywhere you are.

3. Payroll

As an alternative of all that paperwork, software can make it simple to fill out employer forms correctly and on time.

4. Cash flow

Effective management of your cash flow can help your business in saving money. Simple accounting software makes it easy to find out incentives for employees and discounts for customers. Additionally, the manager or business owner can calculate profits and losses in an understandable way.

5. Invoice

One of the most significant aspects of any business is to make invoices because it generates revenue for the company. Making invoices with the help of online accounting software saves your time and prevent losses created by human error. You can even deliver invoices openly to clients by email to save the cost of paper and stamps.

6. Precision

For all kinds of business calculations, precision is significant. Mistakes occurred in calculations can probably lead to imperative losses or other problems. Use of accounting software can keep you away from making these mistakes.

7. Price

One of the utmost benefits of this accounting software is the cost saving. For small businesses running on fixed budgets, appointing an accountant can be costly. Even using software on an in-house server can end up charging a lot. When a business uses accounting software online, it only has to think about the cost of the software and training of employees to use it. And, as many online software companies run on subscriptions, you will only have to pay a small fee every month in place of a big one-time purchase.

Also, you can find and compare online accounting software with different accounting software, and make sure to find out independent ranking of the top accounting software.

How IP – PBX Telephone System Can Enhance Business Communication?

In 1960’s PBX phone systems had caused a revolutionary rise in communication technology. It provided businesses to use many interconnected lines instead of separate lines for each extension.

How PBX system functions?

Businesses with many employees are allowed internal calling between extensions and route easily for outgoing calls. This is a cost-effective solution to daily productivity linked with communication and their operation.


Avaya PBX system is simple and designed to replicate same process used by telephone companies that is to exchange and connect calls, but within the company’s in-network area or on-premises.

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Necessary components to purchase

Exchange – A big switching station, which connects and routes the internal and external calls. The unit size will depend on the number of lines to be included. PBX system is the brain, where bulk of software, equipment and expenditure are concentrated.

Handsets – These are specialized units designed with functions that are available with majority of PBX system. Handsets allow users to connect outgoing lines, dial internal extensions, use intercom and paging features as well as access other handy features from within the system.

Gateway – Gateway of PBX system connects internal network to external world. It routes calls from exchange unit to PSTN lines. PBX system gateway is responsible to connect internal extension to external lines for successful call completion.

Current trend

IP-PBX system handles voice signals using internet protocol. It successfully unites computer and telephone and is called CTI or computer telephone integration. An IP system is capable to subsist as physical hardware and can even perform call routing PBX activities as software or virtually. This version is popular as ‘Soft PBX’.

How IP system works?

An IP system includes SIP phone/s, IP server and VoIP gateway (optional) to connect with existing PSTN lines. SIP soft phones are registered with IP server. The IP system includes contact numbers of phone users and their analogous SIP address. Thus, they capably connect internal calls or route outgoing calls using VoIP gateway or VoIP service provider.

Benefits of IP phone system

  • An IP system is software based and includes easy to use interface, so it is easy to install and configure but a proprietary telephone system needs a trained installer of that specific system.
  • GUI or web based interface allows to maintain and modify the IP system easily. Proprietary phone systems interface are designed to be handled by phone technicians, only.
  • Engaging VoIP service provider allows significant saving on international calls. Free calls can be made between branch offices located in separate regions.
  • IP telephony system connects hardware IP phones to computer network port directly. In addition, you can install software phones directly on your PC. Thus the need of phone wiring gets eliminated as well as moving and adding extension becomes easy.
  • IP system is based on open SIP standard that is compatible with any kind of SIP software or hardware, Proprietary phone system is only compatible with proprietary phones and extension modules.
  • Proprietary systems are expensive to add more lines/extensions and they can outgrow easily in some cases. Alternatively, in IP system, a computer is capable to tackle hundreds of phone lines/extensions.
  • IP system allows supplying better customer service and enhancing productivity. As IP system is computer based, you can incorporate phone functions with business apps.
  • With IP telephone system, the user just takes the phone to a new desk without any need of patching.

Investing in IP telephony system is sensible not just for new businesses but for companies already possessing a PBX system. Upgrading is the obvious choice because IP system delivers significant savings in terms of management, call costs and maintenance.

How Online Food Order is Helping People to Save Their Precious Time

People are really busy in the tight routine of their life. They are just mocked up with day to day tasks that need to be completed on timely basis. In this hassle of life where work pressure is intense and fun element is missing, people hardly find time to dine out with family or friends. Days, months or sometimes years pass without any single dine out with family or friends. The days are busy in tight office routine and holidays are spent in enjoying comfort. But, online app world has really come up with some of the most powerful apps of all time that had aided the users and had even made them feel alive.


Now, you need not to wait for any function or get together to enjoy tasty food with family of friends, you can simply order the food at your doorstep with just a few taps from your smart phone. A number of online food ordering apps had made way to the food industry. People had started loving the comfort of ordering the food on time at their place. Now, they can enjoy food with family and friends. They can even order home like food at their offices using these stunning online food apps especially made for the food lovers.

Ordering the food online is also helping the people to save their precious time from getting wasted. As now, they need not to visit the restaurant that is far away from their food in order to pick the food. The food will be delivered to the specified address in no time. You order and the food will be at your place within an hour or so. Just imagine the quickness of delivery. Here, we have discussed some of facts on how food order online is helping people to save their valuable time.

No Stopping in Traffic Jams

When the delivery boys are there to deliver you the food at your place then there is no chance that your time will be wasted in city traffic jams that stops you in reaching the hotels or restaurants or eating joints on time. Your food and its timely delivery is now the responsibility of app from which you have ordered the food. The app will even provide you the details about the delivery by tracking it nicely. You will continue to get to know about your order till it reaches your place.

No Need to Cook

When you are ordering the food online then there is surely no need to cook food at home. So, your efforts in cooking the food at home and the time that you will waste in cooking it will be saved. Ordering food online is really a comfortable task and the best part is that you can save some money too. Suppose, you make an order through Foodpanda then do not forget to apply any of the Foodpanda Offers coupons that provides you maximum discount on your order.

If you have a job and love to eat home cook food then also you need not to worry. You can easily find some Tiffin service that deliver you home like food at office place. The time of cooking will be saved and you will get some extra time to take rest and get ready for the office.

No Wastage of Time in Getting Ready to Dine Out

When you are planning to order food from your favorite restaurant, you need not to get ready as you will be eating food at your home itself. It surely saves some of your precious time in getting ready for dine out.

Final Words

Ordering food online has significantly helped people to save their valuable time and utilize it in some or the other way. Food ordering apps has revolutionized the food industry and people love these apps. You can find a food ordering app on smart phone of every third smart phone user. The comfort of ordering food and timely deliveries had made the people to trust these apps and order food through them. If you are food lover and love to taste different types of food, you must install any of these apps to order your favorite food.

5 Advantages and Disadvantages of E-Commerce

Internet is full of possibilities. Everything is now available on the internet. With faster internet access available the number of e-commerce users have also increased. As we know that there are pros and cons of everything, there are some advantages and disadvantages of e-commerce too. Have a look at 5 advantages and disadvantages of e-commerce.



Cost Effective

If you are going to purchase anything via online shopping websites, there is high probability that you are going to choose payment via online debit or credit cards. As a lot of transactions are done online for buying T shirts online, which is a cost effective option. Each transaction made with the e-commerce payment is cheaper as compared to the normal payment mode.

High Margin

If you are a seller, you will definitely get high margin on your products. All the products like T shirts for men which are sold on e-commerce websites are sold with a high margin. It will not only save your time but will also give you more control on your business.

Better Productivity

With e-commerce both the buyer and seller is productive. People need answers online as it is cheaper as well as faster. For the company it is a cost effective measure too.

Quick comparison

Once can easily make comparisons with other sellers with the help of e-commerce websites. Not only people will be able to save money but also time.

Economy benefit

With e-commerce websites, it is not a compulsion to have a store, infrastructure investment or any other thing. There should be just a good website along with good customer support.



Security is one disadvantage of shopping online. Let’s say you are going to buy T Shirt online and you get tricked by making payment on the exact replica of the e-commerce website. You money is gone at this point.

Scalability of System

We already told that there is no need for a store or an infrastructure investment for e-commerce website, but you need a developed website which will help the customers. The website needs to have a good navigation and if you are not having good web online presence you won’t get any profits from the e-commerce business.

Data and system Integrity

There are many e-commerce website which sell the data of their customers to third parties. This is one of the reasons that people don’t want to buy anything from e-commerce websites.

Products People

If one is looking to focus the product they won’t buy it online. One of the reasons behind this is that they would like to try the Batman Tshirt they are going to buy before making the payment. This is not possible with e-commerce.

Customer Service

Customer Service plays a very important role in building relationships and e-commerce is one field where it lacks. If the customer is not happy, then there is surety that your e-commerce business is soon going to end as itwon’t survive.

These are some advantages and disadvantages of e-commerce websites.

Google Cloud Storage Nearline Now Available to All, Offers 100PB Free Storage

Google’s Cloud Storage Nearline is now available to the general public. The company has announced that the service, which offers low-cost premium archiving and backing up of data, has moved out of beta. In order to entice users, Google is offering storage of 100PB of space for free.Released as a beta in March, Cloud Storage Nearline is aimed at data-heavy businesses that need fast retrieval of data. The service competes with Dropbox, Amazon’s Glacier, Box, and OneDrive among others. Unlike its competitors that take hours for handling such voluminous data, Google says that Nearline could do it in seconds and minutes.Discussing Nearline’s other features, Google promises 99 percent uptime, on demand I/O operations, and lifecycle management – consisting of features such as automated archival and scheduled deletions. And, of course, there is the 100PB free of storage for up to six months. Afterwards, users will have to pay $0.01 per GB every month.”You now will be able to configure one-time data migrations, as well as schedule recurring data transfers,” explained Avtandil Garakanidze, Google product manager, on a company blog post.The company is also offering its on-demand I/O feature, which allows users to increase I/O rate from typical read of 4MB per second, for free for the first three months.To help users jump the boat, Nearline’s Cloud Storage Transfer feature allows one to import large amount of data from HTTP/HTTPS services such as Amazon S3. Speaking of Amazon, Google is also offering a total cost of ownership calculator to let users know how much they will be saving by switching from Amazon Web Services.

Secure your fortress with the Internet of Things

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A man’s home is his castle. Unfortunately, moats and drawbridges are no longer strong options for most homeowners looking to protect themselves. Security means defending not against barbarians at the gates but against thieves staking out your home and trying to sneak in undetected, often when you’re away.

Fortunately, modern households have a new resource to deter thieves and detect trouble before it happens: the Internet of Things. Here’s how you can use simple appliances – or elements of your home itself – as focal points in a home security strategy.

DIY Alarm Systems

If your home isn’t already wired for security with door sensors, window sensors, and motion detectors, you can now easily add them without having to rip open the walls. Do-it-yourself alarm kits let you attach battery-powered, wireless sensors anywhere there’s a risk of unauthorized entry. These devices connect to your existing wireless network and can send real-time notifications to you when a sensor is tripped, via an email, text message, or mobile app. Check out Viper and SimpliSafe for a few examples of solid starter security systems.

Surveillance Cameras

Whether you want to keep tabs on who’s at the front door or just want to keep an eye on the pets while you’re away, a wide range of security and surveillance cameras can now fit the bill. Just configure the camera on your network, place it on a shelf or attach it to the wall, and aim it where you want it to watch. Most cameras can be set to record only when they detect motion, and numerous cameras, like the D-Link DCS-2136L, can store their video feed on a Network Attached Storage device that’s part of your home network. Using a tool like QNAP’s TS-451 NAS gives you access to the Surveillance Station feature, which can be paired with QNAP’s VMobile app to turn your mobile device into a full-fledged security monitoring station. The TS-451 can monitor up to 24 IP cameras simultaneously (camera licenses additional) – either real-time or recorded video. It is compatible with thousands of IP cameras from over 80 major manufacturers.

Smart Locks

YouTube is littered with videos of people who’ve figured out how to pick a standard door lock in a matter of seconds, making key-based security nearly worthless. Enter the smart lock, a technology which brings the medieval lock into the digital age at last. Smart locks from companies like Goji and August let you decide who gets in and who doesn’t – and even when they can come in – via a smartphone app. Instead of turning a key, authorized users tap a button on their phone to unlock the door – and some can even automatically unlock when an authorized visitor approaches the house.

Automated Lights and Appliances

One standby of any home security strategy is to leave some lights on when you’re away from home for an extended period, but old-school light timers are cumbersome and difficult to program. These tools have received an upgrade in recent years, as well. Products like the Belkin WeMo let you turn lights and other appliances like your television on and off through a device that attaches to any wall socket. A mobile app lets you control the lights manually even if you’re on the other side of the world, or set up schedules to automate things.

Reddit CEO Ellen Pao Resigns in Fresh Sign of Turmoil

Ellen Pao resigned as acting chief executive of Reddit Friday in the latest sign of turmoil at the site, recently roiled by the firing of a popular employee and ongoing tensions over the limits of free speech on its social-news platform.Reddit co-founder Steve Huffman, also a co-founder of travel site Hipmunk, will become chief executive. Alexis Ohanian, another co-founder who has been working as executive chairman of Reddit, will work “alongside” Huffman, said Reddit board head Sam Altman in a statement on Friday.

Controversy erupted around Reddit last week when the company’s director of talent, Victoria Taylor, was dismissed. Site volunteer moderators temporarily shut down around 300 discussion sections in protest.

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That controversy did not factor into Pao’s departure, Altman said in an email.

Pao, who battled her former Silicon Valley employer in court earlier this year, said in a separate statement that she was leaving Reddit because the board had asked for higher growth than she thought was possible.

She joined Reddit in April 2013 and became its acting chief executive in November.

This year, user growth was 70 percent, she said, and mobile usage rose to 47 percent compared to 29 percent last year.

Reddit, known for freewheeling discussions, has attracted a minority group of users who engage in hate speech over racism, women’s issues, and other topics.

Under Pao, the site had tried to address the issue, banning sexually explicit images, removing a handful of discussion sections and prohibiting harrassment of individuals.

“Redditors, you deserve clarity about what the content policy of reddit is going to be,” Altman said in a statement Friday. “The team will create guidelines to both preserve the integrity of reddit and to maintain reddit as the place where the most open and honest conversations with the entire world can happen.”

Pao achieved notoriety through a sex discrimination lawsuit filed against her former employer, venture capital firm Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers. She lost the suit and is appealing the decision.

San Francisco-based Reddit launched in 2005 and has grown to become one of the most highly viewed sites on the Internet, drawing some 160 million unique users a month.

An October financing round of $50 million (roughly Rs. 316 crores) valued Reddit, in which magazine publisher Conde Nast owns a stake, at $500 million (roughly Rs. 3,168 crores).

Digital India Week Received a Huge Response

Communications and IT Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad on Friday said that the Digital India Week received huge response from all over the country and a host of initiatives were taken by various state governments keeping aside political ideology.”Digital India initiative is party, politics and ideology-neutral. In the week-long initiative, about 170 events were organised at the state headquarters,” the minister told reporters in New Delhi.

Prasad said more than 250 services were launched in areas of health information, utility services, smart public distribution system (PDS) card, land record services, mobile app for civic amenities, services for farmers, social welfare and pension services, electoral services, online court services, police services, and employment exchange services in this one week.

Talking about district level events, he said: “Reports have been received from 438 districts wherein in 1,238 events, more than 136,000 lakh government officials and citizens have been informed on Digital India Programme and its services.”

“Digital India Week” that was launched on July 1 by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, saw India Inc. committing an investment of Rs. 4,50,000 crores (some $75 billion) for the initiative that seeks to empower citizens by deploying IT and associated tools.

Prasad said events were organised at more than 57,000 common service centres (CSC), wherein more than 3.42 lakh people (rural citizens, youth, e-Service users) participated.

Events were organised at more than 1,500 post offices across the country and more than 175,000 lakh citizens have been informed about Digital India and e-services.

Prasad mentioned that Modi’s Digital Dialogue initiative on Twitter received 391 million impressions during period of three days (July 4-6).

Foundation for Indo-Bangladesh Telecom Link Laid in Tripura

In an effort to create a hassle-free and potent Internet link for the northeastern states, union Communication and IT Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad on Saturday laid the foundation stone in Agartala for an international Internet gateway through Cox’s Bazar in Bangladesh.Agartala, Tripura’s capital city, would be the third international Internet gateway in India after Mumbai and Chennai.

“After the establishment of the optical fibre cable (OFC) link between Akhaura (along Agartala) and Cox’s Bazar, there would not only be a sea change in the Internet and telecommunication connectivity in northeast India, but the other parts of the country would also be benefited by getting additional Internet bandwidth,” BSNL chief general manager (NE one circle) D.P. Singh said.

The official also said the central government would spend Rs. 19.14 crore to create the infrastructure, including laying of OFC to avail the 10 gigabit bandwidth from Bangladesh Submarine Cable Company Limited (BSCCL).

Singh said: “India had to give around Rs. 8 crore per year as rental fee to BSCCL to avail the telecommunication linkages.”

In the presence of Prime Minister Narendra Modi and his Bangladeshi counterpart Sheikh Hasina, an agreement was signed in Dhaka on June 6 between BSCCL and BSNL for leasing of international bandwidth for Internet at Akhaura.

Akhaura is the second largest trading point and check post between India and Bangladesh after Petrapole-Benapole trade centre and check post along West Bengal.

“After more than four years of diplomatic and political parleys, the deal was signed between BSCCL and BSNL. The new system would be operationalise after laying the necessary OFC by January next year,” the BSNL official added.

Tripura Governor Tathagata Roy, Chief Minister Manik Sarkar, BSNL chairman cum managing director Anupam Srivastava were among others present in the foundation stone laying ceremony.

The BSNL official said so far northeastern states have been getting Internet connectivity through Mumbai and Chennai international Internet gateway but the distance was creating lots of problems, including very weak speed and drop of linkages.

“The Internet connectivity from Bangladesh would be unimpeded and have high-speed with large bandwidth besides most reliable.”

Chief Minister Sarkar had written letters to Prime Minister Modi and former prime minister Manmohan Singh on a number of occasions for alternative telecom routing through Bangladesh for improving feeble telecommunication facilities in the northeast region.

The Bangladesh Telecommunications Company has to lay optical fibre cable of the 30 km distance from Brahmanbaria to Akhaura, which adjoins Agartala, while the BSNL will set up international long distance (ILD) gateway at Agartala along with associated equipment.

India had set up a multi-purpose integrated check post at a cost of around Rs. 80 crore in Agartala adjacent to Akhaura. The Indian government has also embarked upon to lay 15 km railway track to link Agartala railway station with Akhaura railway station in eastern Bangladesh.