Know all about the Brilliant and Stunning LG G5!


There are a slew of mobile phones out in the market and consumers too are living in the advanced age of the internet where every information is easily available. Manufacturers have to make sure they listen to consumer demands to produce a phone to truly meet their requirements. While there are a host of generic options for consumers to pick and choose from, the LG G5 made sure it stands out in the crowd and will surely be a smartphone that is hard to beat. Make use of flipkart offers to browse through a variety of LG phones to know the full range of products to make an informed choice prior to purchase.

Get the amazing details about the stunning and all new LG G5 which will surely win your heart:

Bold New Design


LG G5 has truly reinvented itself in terms of price and has implemented a stunning new design thanks to a beveled glass without any antenna lines giving it a clear cut finish which is a feature not even found on the iPhone 6s. The handset looks extremely stunning. What makes the design all the more spectacular and mesmerising is the inclusion of a modular component situated at the bottom and can be removed as and when required. You can easily add components such as a camera grip known as the LG Cam Plus giving good hardware options and controls too. This new feature surely sets the G5 apart from other smartphones.

Stunning Display


The LG G5 comes with a stunning 5.3 inch QHD display with a ppi of 554 making it extremely sharp and responsive. The phone has a cool new display feature known as the “always on” which allows you to keep the display on without having to reach for the power button to check notifications or the time which according to LG will help save battery better. With newer technology, the screen takes up less battery and the always on feature only uses 0.8% of the battery giving you better output.


Powerful Internals


As for the internals, the phone is extremely powerful and well-built thanks to a Snapdragon 820 Chipset along with a stunningly fast 4GB RAM that will surely provide speed and performance like never before making it the perfect phone for games, multitasking and running heavy apps. The phone has amazing battery output too with a 2800 mAh battery that gives long lasting output. The phone has 32GB inbuilt memory which can be expanded up to 2TB for absolutely unmatched performance giving you the freedom to carry your technological world wherever you go. Such powerful internals are surely impressive and you can now get your hands on the G5 along with other LG phones with amazon india coupons to get an enriching smartphone experience.

Spectacular Camera


One of the most stunning features of the LG G5 is its camera structure and built. For starters, the phone has not one but two rear cameras. One of the cameras as a 75 degree field of view with a 16MP sensor and the second camera comes with a 135 degree field of view with an 8MP sensor giving a combined end effect of stunning photography. The images can even be merged with the ability to add effects in real time which is something surely that hasn’t been seen before. As for the selfie camera, the phone has a beautiful 8MP shooter for perfect shots every time.

VR Addition



Along with the addition of such brilliant features, the phone is not yet finished thrilling you. The phone offers an amazing LG 360 VR Bundle that doesn’t require the handset to play as the device comes with individual display for each eye for a truly immersive experience. The VR setup also plays YouTube 360 videos and is compatible with Google Apps.

Overall, the phone is quite a stunner and you will surely lose your mind over it given the brilliant offerings and features on display.

Best Selling Smartphones Fit your 15k Budget!

With the expansion of technology, smartphones have now become a gadget that can easily be afforded by a mass of population and are no longer an item of envy. While the budget spectrum varies greatly and smartphones are available at prices above 50 grand as well, you can now go in for a phone that won’t cost more than 15,000 and yet give stunning features and functions that will surely meet your requirements. You can search for a list of top performing and budget friendly phone with shopclues coupons to avail them at great prices.

Check out the best-selling phones in the market at the moment that will fit a budget of 15,000:

Lenovo K4 Note

Lenovo surely has given some stunning phones over the course of the year- the K3 Note followed by the K4 Note which too has met with tremendous success. The K4 Note is one of the bestselling phones in this category giving you a beautiful 5.5 inch Full HD Display with Gorilla Glass Protection that surely makes working on the phone seem easy, convenient and extremely enjoyable. The phone has powerful internals thanks to an Octa Core 1.3GHz Processor and a 3GB RAM for multitasking that seems like a breeze. The phone has 16GB internal memory expandable up to 128GB giving you ample space to carry your movies, videos and variety of files wherever you go. With a finger print sensor, VR bundle and Dual Sim support, you surely cannot complain in terms of features on offer. Thanks to its 13MP primary camera and its 5MP secondary camera, you can take stunning photographs every time no matter where you go. Stay connected always with its 3300 mAh battery backup making it one of the most cost efficient phones in the market.

Samsung Galaxy On7

The Samsung Galaxy On7 is yet another stunner of a phone that gives you every feature you dream to own in high end phones. The phone has a 5.5 inch HD screen with bright and sharp color reproduction. It runs on a Quad Core 1.2GHz Processor along with a 1.5GB RAM for performance that is unquestionable. It has 8GB internal storage which can be expanded further to 128GB allowing you to easy carry data. The phone supports a 13MP primary shooter as well as a 5MP secondary shooter that gives photographic output even in the dullest of scenarios. The phone has a 3000 mAh battery backup that gives up to 21 hours talk time without you having to run to a socket to charge your phone every now and then.  You can find great prices on the phone with ebay coupons to make your purchase all the more valuable.

Xiaomi Mi4



Xiaomi is rightly called the Apple of China and the company has offered some astonishing handsets in a price range that will leave you stunned. The Mi4 is one such example where you get a ton of features without having to go heavy on the budget. The phone offers a 5 inch Full HD display that surely is interactive and intuitive in responsiveness. The phone runs on a Quad Core 2.5GHz Processor along with 3GB RAM for lag free performance and speed. With a 13MP primary shooter along with an 8MP secondary shooter, you can be rest assured of getting excellent photographic results even in the dimmest of lights. It supports 16GB internal memory which cannot be expanded further. Thanks to its 3080 mAh battery, you no longer have to fret about running out of charge anytime soon.

Asus Zenfone 2 Laser

The Asus Zenfone 2 Laser is yet another beautiful phone for the price range. With the Zenfone 2 Laser, you get to enjoy a 5.5 inch Full HD Display with Gorilla Glass protection. Thanks to its 1.5GHz Octa Core Processor and a 3GB RAM, you can be rest assured of quick and prompt performance. Take beautiful and breathe taking photographs with its 13MP Primary camera along with a 5MP secondary camera with Dual Color LED flash to give even the dullest moments a burst of light. The phone supports 16GB Internal memory which can be expanded up to 128GB for you to carry your data wherever you go. You surely get your money’s worth with a 3000 mAh battery, ensuring you are always covered and get the best output.

Be sure to invest in these stunningly designed phones that give so much in terms of performance at a price that can easily be afforded.

Securing  internet transaction using Two Factor authentication by OTP SMS

Information and data breaching have increased tremendously over the couple of years  impacting most of the industries. Observation says that securing organizational networks from the harmful threats have always been the major concern for the industry experts. No organization, whether  big or small is completely safe and secure when it comes to the security factor of information sharing networks. Different organizations follow different procedures  to tackle threats.  One such method which has really proved to be a master key solution is 2-factor authentication or One Time Password authentications used for securing log-ins thus cutting down data breaches.

With increasing number of mobile users, the latest trend highlights that there have been a continual growth in number of online buyers in past few years.  Smartphones are indeed believed to be a great asset in making any information easily accessible for the potential buyers to look, compare and buy and with the facility of e transaction it hardly takes much time to finalize the deal. Rapid smartphone purchases and e transactions has introduced a remarkable change in traditional internet commerce shifting gradually towards mobile commerce; where threats associated while making mobile payment has now become an area of increased concern .

Importance of Two-factor Authentication:

To make it simple and easy to remember, we generally prefer using most common number series as our passwords. It has been noticed that the Single Sign On (SSO) architecture are not well protected . Numerical passwords which we use for securing keyboard access, pin, and other e locks are somewhere like 1234, unforgettable days like birth date etc. has lead to an increase in hacking activities by almost 20%. Additionally when hackers club their knowledge using hacking techniques with tools like keylogger, social engineering, chances of the risk of threat of information increases upto a whopping 55%.

Two-factor authentication such as OTP SMS is one of the best solutions to curb such threats. The authentication process consists of the OTP check for authenticating the electronic transaction, where the access is limited to the authorized user only, decreasing the risk of violation of data by unauthorized users or hackers.  The chances of the onetime password getting stolen, missed or expired is highly limited, as there’s always a  chance to ask for another OTP which can be be used in case of the missed or expired OTP.

To sum up the usage of OTP SMS, we can say that it helps the corporate as well as promote security for e transactions.

Implementing OTP:

The concept of OTP  came into existence a few years back., when  a notable growth in the number of feature phones and smartphones users was noted, the risk managers and security analysts at Oracle, Google, Microsoft & other leading industry  looked for better alarming security options   to safeguard the traceable information through various encryption modes. Since then, one time passwords using transactional SMS have been serving the purpose by validating the required information from two ends, enhancing the security factor via two-factor authentication.

Implementation of OTP is a fairly simple process. When you start using OTP, what really happens is that when a user enters their login credentials for a web account they have a checkpoint to cross. The two way authentication using the OTP has proved to be so useful that during any online session when a user log into his online account, he is asked to share the mandatory information including password, if not known then on the basis of suspicion, an authentication message with a OTP SMS is shared to the users alternative email ID or contact number using Transactional SMS if attached with the associated account, maintaining the security of the account perfectly.

Once the OTP is entered, server then checks all associated records while verifying and authenticating the user details before finally letting the user to access the account usually adding an additional security layer to the account’s safety.


Update Your Nexus 6P’s Style With A Customized Wrap

Move over LG, it’s time to make room for Huawei. Haven’t heard of it? You’re not alone, as most people aren’t familiar with this Chinese manufacturer before getting their own Nexus 6P; but Google chose well, as the two companies have come together to create the latest in Android technology. The only down side to this great mobile phone?It’s housed in a rather uninspired design, looking like any other Android. If you want to match your 6P’s style to its specs, then you’ve got to invest in customized wraps.


A wrap has a lot to live up to, considering the long list of impressive specs that the 6P touts. Its 5.7 inch high resolution WQHD AMOLED display brings crystal clarity to pictures and videos. Its screen, coupled with its front-facing stereo speakers, makes the 6P perfect for passing the time, watching Netflix or playing your favourite game. And its Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ 810 v2.1 processor and 6.0 Marshmallow OS lets you play all of your favourite apps seamlessly and without delay.

There’s a lot going on in the inside of your Nexus, but on the on the outside, your 6P is lacking in the looks department. Its all-aluminum build comes in only three muted colour options. Beyond the tell-tale ‘x’ of the Nexus and the dip where its fingerprint scanner is, you could easily confuse your Nexus for any other Android. It could be anyone’s black rectangle with a touchscreen. With a personality like yours, that just won’t do.

Luckily, vinyl wraps can enhance the style of your 6P without compromising its features, like a bulky plastic case would. The vinyl is cut with precision to the exact size and quality of your phone, accommodating its cameras, speakers, sensors, and ports while adhering to its corners, curves, and bezels. Similar to a sticker, it sits flush against the body of the phone but without any of the harsh glues that normally come with stickers.

Wraps can come in a variety of different looks that you can customize. While its adhesive underside clings effortlessly to your phone, the Nexus 6P wrap displays to the world your unique style. For some, that’s a simple black leather wrap that exudes modern sophistication. For others, it can get a bit wilder with true colours like red, orange, and blue mixing with textures like carbon fiber and faux-wood. If these designs are up to your fashion sense, check out the Nexus 6P wraps available at With a variety of colours and textures that you can play around with, you’re bound to find the perfect wrap to display your personality. And their convenient build-a-wrap feature on their website takes all of the guess work out of your designs, as you can see what your chosen combination looks like on the 6P in real time.

Once you’ve created one in line with your tastes, you can finally have a personalized phone as unique as you are. Customized inside and out, your 6P won’t ever be confused for another’s. And it comes with the added bonus that these Nexus 6P wraps provide a layer of protection from the sharp and scary outside world, which means you can keep your 6P looking great for a lot longer than you’d expect! So get a Nexus 6P wrap today!

Save Money on the Newest Cell Phones

Everyday there is a new gizmo or gadget coming out that people are dying to get their hands on. The thing is, these things cost money and, sometimes it can be a lot more money than people are willing to spend. It is always nice to own the newest, most wanted items, but this is something not everyone can do. Even the newest cell phones can be out of reach for those who do not have the money to spend. Luckily, there is a way for people to save money on their cell phone purchase and still get the one they want. When people are looking to save money on the newest technology, they often check out deals on Groupon Coupons. Since the site features coupons from merchants like Virgin Mobile and Boost Mobile, customers can find the perfect phone for an affordable price. When you go to use Groupon Coupons, you simply have to perform as search of the merchant you are planning to purchase from and look at the deals they have available. If there is one that will help you save money on your cell phone purchase, you can use that coupon and others free of charge.

It can be expensive to keep up with today’s technology, especially with new items being introduced on a daily basis. Even though it would be nice to be able to purchase every new gadget that comes out, some people just don’t have the money for it. But, with Groupon Coupons, people can now afford some of the things they want for a price they can afford. Whether you are looking for cell phones, headphones, speakers and more, Groupon Coupons is a great resource for those looking to save a few dollars on their purchases and have the things they want.

5 Best Mobile Shopping Apps 2015


Mobile commerce in India is growing at a productive proportion and this has become a trend these days. Guess why? It’s because the absolute growing opportunities that online e-commerce offers to a large number of people. In fact, when it comes to ease of use and convenience; mobile shopping sees rapid growth than desktop shopping. A recent research conducted on mobile commerce shows that global online sales that happen on mobile phones are anticipated to exceed $270 billion. Foreseeing this opportunity, many companies pertaining to various industries are developing apps to create more brand, social engagement and personalized shopping experience for their users.


With a tagline swipe, select and shop, Myntra is one of the top shopping apps preferred by most online shoppers in India. The all-new mobile app of theirs help users shop latest trends in fashion on the go. This fashion shopping app covers a range of merchandise across various categories like clothes, footwear, cosmetics, accessories, beauty products and more on one platform. Browse from hundreds of thousands styles available on their shopping app and stay up-to-date on the fashion.


Want to make your online shopping a hassle-free experience? Shop at Snapdeal – India’s leading and favorite online store. They have mobile app available for Android, iOS and Nokia. With just a few clicks, this app takes you to your desired category and gives you an option to grab your #dilkideal. Enjoy Snapdeal’s exclusive app only offers and preview sale discounts by shopping through GrabOn (India’s fastest growing coupons/deals website).


So want to recharge your mobile, DTH, data card or pay bills online? Look no further, just #Paytmkaro. Today, this app has garnered 100 million customers who rely on this app to pay bills, recharge their mobiles, and pay for shopping online at various online shopping destinations. Did you know Paytm is also a marketplace that sell products across various categories. Don’t stop, just come, shop at this store with Paytm coupons exclusively available for GrabOn users.


Your desire for new shoes, dress, accessories, bags, scarves, etc can be addressed here – Jabong. Shop anywhere on the go through Jabong-fashion shopping app. Jabong offers amazing online shopping experience with its swipe-and-shop feature, easy to return policy, excellent prices and having more than 1,50,000+ products. Check out Jabong’s exclusive online deals, extra discounts and promo codes before you shop.


Think of your private diver? Think of Uber. Ride across the city in style with the most Uber classic cabs. This is an app-only service that lets their users to request a ride and get picked in a few minutes. Using Uber means – no hassle, no waiting. This global brand has transformed taxi hailing system in India to the next level. Check out Free Uber ride by GrabOn.

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How to Pick iPhone Case From Online

Apple is one of the best manufactures of mobile phones, laptops and computer, iPhone is one of the popular products. The iPhone 5 is a touch screen phone and so it needs high care to protect the expensive phone. The dust and scratches make dirty as well as it looks old there in the market, there are different models of iphone 5 cases are available from reasonable to most expensive rate. Using the phone cover is an effective way that provides higher protection to Apple phone. In online there are many best and good quality of phone cases available, with this person can choose them and they are in different colors and styles. The people who have an iPhone, they should definitely buy iPhone cases. This will maintain the gadget safe that make to work for different years. The iPhone cases are also available in different prices and materials.


Types Of iPhone Covers:

Depending on the model of your phone, there are many stylish and expensive cases are provided by the Apple Company. Moreover, people also can get the cases direct from the company. The iPhone cases are come different types from that people can choose from different materials. The silicon cases are flexible as well as highly soft. The smooth finish also provides a good style and look. Moreover, the silicon covers are designed perfectly in order to maintain the phone, protected free from the scratches. In addition, they also provide an easy and firm grip. People can find the silicon cases in various colors. In the market, the leather cases are highly available and where people can select from the different array of cases and that come in unique range of styles from funky to elegant. In iPhone 5, different leather types are used. The aluminum case serves as light weight as well as excellent protector, well they are quite durable. Furthermore, the plastic is the most common material and they used for designing the iphone 5 cases. However, the polycarbonate plastic is polished, finely due to that it’s appropriate for the iPhone models.

Durable Iphone Cases:

The plastic cove also comes in wonder designs and colors. Today, iPhone 5 is highly popular in the market and this is one of the most expensive phones and therefore that definitely needs to protect and take care of the device. Moreover, in such case, people need to look for the causes. The weight of iphone 5 cases is a few milligrams and therefore they not too much bulky or heavy. In iPhone, the glass is covered on two sides so proper protection is most essential. People also can select the case, depending on basics of the preferences. Well, these case units are highly available in different colors like black, standard whit, gold and various other shades. People also can go for multicolored cases. Most of the covers have the absorbers and that prevent the phone when you drop the iPhone. The covers of iPhone 5 are almost in appropriate size and even people buy readily in the market and that are durable and flexible.

How to Integrate Bulk SMS API in JavaApplication?

Bulk SMS API allows application developer to integrate on their application and send the sms to all the numbers at one shot without login to their sms panel. Anyone can integrate the Bulk SMS API into their applications, software, website, etc.,

Through Bulk SMS API we can able to check the Status of the sent messages, Delivery report, and group delivery report. We can able to send the Unicode messaging also.


Once we integrate the Bulk SMS Gateway in any of the application, the application trigger the HTTP API call with all the parameters when on required. The required parameters like SMS Service URL, User Name, Password, Mobile Number, Message, etc..  As soon as call the HTTP API, the api along with all the parameters will be send to SMS Gateway Server and the bulk SMS Gateway evaluate all the parameters and automatically the message will deliver to the given number without login to the SMS panel itself.;;;;



public class JavaCode{

publicJavaCode() {


public static void main( String[] args) throws Exception{

String postData=””;

String retval = “”;

//give all Parameters In String

String Username =”username”;

String Password = “Password”;

String MobileNo = “9xxxxxxxxx”;

String Message = “Test message from java code”;

String SenderID = “XXXXXX”;

postData += “username=” + Username + “&password=” + Password + “&to=” +

MobileNo +”&sender=” + SenderID + “&message=” + Message;

URL url = new URL(“”);

HttpURLConnectionurlconnection = (HttpURLConnection) url.openConnection();





OutputStreamWriter out = new




BufferedReader in = new BufferedReader(   new


String decodedString;

while ((decodedString = in.readLine()) != null) {

retval += decodedString;






For further assistance mail to or call on +91 9738010000

4 Best Samsung Phones to suit every pocket

If a Smartphone with the best specs, durability, and competitive pricing in various price ranges is what you are looking for, then look no further than the Korean electronics giant Samsung. Not only that, the phones have one of the best camera features in the market. Listed below is Samsung Mobile Price in India along with its technical specifications:-

  • Samsung Note 4

Due to its massive 5.7” Quad HD Super AMOLED screen, this phone has a pricing of about Rs. 45, 000. It has a display resolution of 2560x1440p and a pixel density of 500 per inch. The 16 MP rear camera has features like OIS that gives some additional clarity to the images. The 3.7 MP secondary camera has a 120 degree wide angle that can be used for clicking selfies and video calling. It also has a multi-window feature which aids in seamless multitasking for the user. It is equipped with a 2.7 GHz Quad Core Processor and 3 GB of RAM that assures that there is no lag while switching apps. It sports an inbuilt memory of 32 GB and another 64GB of external memory. Its OS of choice is Android KitKat.

  • Samsung Galaxy S3 Neo

This phone has a price tag of approximately Rs.13, 000. The 4.8″ HD display makes sure that you can see everything clearly. The phone comes with a 1.2 GHz quad-core processor and 1.5 GB of RAM. The Smartphone runs on Android KitKat that gives the user an easy to use interface. Due to its ergonomics, the phone is easy to hold in spite of being huge. It sports a 9 MP primary and 1.9 MP secondary camera.

  • Samsung Galaxy 6 Edge

This phone is making waves because of the “edge” that it has got. The phone is priced at around Rs.50, 000 and comes with a 16 MP rear camera with f1.9 aperture, meaning that it can capture more light than otherwise even in darker situations leading to better and clearer pictures. Another amazing feature of the phone is its autofocus which along with the Optical Image Stabilization (OIS) feature ensures that the user can take less blurry pictures of subjects that are in action. It also sports a 5 MP front camera that has a 120-degree wide-angle field of view.

  • Samsung Galaxy S5

The huge phone has a pricing of around Rs. 28, 000. It has a huge 5.1” screen which is great to see the pictures that have been clicked using the phone’s 16 MP primary camera. The image resolution is a brilliant 4640 x 3480 pixels. The primary camera has LED flash and other features like face and smile detection, dual shot, touch focus, simultaneous HD video and image recording etc. It is also equipped with a 2.1 MP secondary camera that is amazing for taking selfies and video calling.

As can be seen, Samsung offers a range of mobile phones that meet the different needs of its millions of users.

Online mobile recharge- everything you should know

No matter how low or high your phone expenses are, everyone makes efforts to pay the minimum and get the maximum. However if you go to the recharge shops, you would see that you always get deducted amount of balance defined as the service tax or the vat charged. However this won’t be the case when you choose the option of online recharge or online Vodafone bill payment. When you choose this mode, you would be loaded with a lot of attractive offers that will make you get something much more in comparison to what you invest. A lot of telecom companies as well plan to attract the customers towards online mobile recharge and bill payments by bringing offers valid only over the internet.

There are a lot of benefits that you will get used to with when you start recharging your phone online or make online Vodafone bill payments. First thing in this list would be that it would save a lot of your time as well as efforts. Once you make an account online on a reliable website, you will not have to repeat the same procedure every time. Things are even easier when you make your Vodafone bill payment. Since the system would automatically grab all the details related to the payment as well as the ones related to your mode of payment, the risk of session getting timed out and all will get vanished.

When you make online Vodafone bill payment you will also contribute a lot in saving and preserving the environment. Since you won’t have to carry any type of paper along, you will not have to worry about keeping it safe or filing it up every month. As soon as you make a transaction online, you would immediately get a sms and also a confirmation mail from all the involved parties. So consider how much paper will be saved in this process.

All the websites that allow you to do the online mobile recharge have reliable and secure payment gateways and APIs which keep all your details safe and secure. This is one of the most comforting features when you make online Vodafone bill payment. Since there are millions of people all over the world getting benefitted from these features, there is no case in which you will face the problem related to safety and security. With all the precautions taken by the websites and the huge support that they get from the regulating boards and authorities, the chances already get reduced. But being an educated and modern person it is the customer’s responsibility as well to stay aware. By no means should you be negligent in this process of trust a website of application which is relatively new in the market and is offering you deals that look unbelievable.

Keep in mind  that the balances and talk times, etc is totally regulated by the telecom companies only and the deals that they will give you will be external. So be aware and use this facility to make bill payments and do recharges.