Reliance Jio Effect: Vodafone Cuts Rates of Postpaid 4G Data Plans, Starting With Mumbai

Reliance Jio Effect: Vodafone Cuts Rates of Postpaid 4G Data Plans, Starting With Mumbai
Vodafone cuts its rates across 4G postpaid plans
2GB of 4G data will now cost you Rs. 350 in Mumbai
Vodafone launched its product Flex last week
Reliance Jio’s entry has certainly brought the country’s telecom companies into action. Even though Vodafone claimed that it was trying to serve a larger spectrum of audience with its product Flex last week, it has revised its 4G postpaid tariff plans to counter the competition, starting with Mumbai.

As per the new postpaid data plans in Mumbai, 2GB of 4G/3G data will cost you Rs. 350 (instead of Rs. 450 earlier), 3GB of 4G/3G data will cost you Rs. 450 (Rs. 650 earlier), 5GB of 4G/3G data will cost you Rs. 650 (instead of Rs. 850 earlier), 6GB of 4G/3G data will cost Rs. 750, 7GB of 4G/3G data will cost Rs. 850, 10GB of 4G/3G data will cost Rs. 999, and 15GB of 4G/3G data will cost you Rs. 1,499, and 20GB of 4G/3G data will set you back by Rs. 1,999.

Interestingly, commenting about the competition from Reliance Jio at company’s Flex launch event last week, Vodafone India’s Commercial Director Sandeep Kataria said, “India has a very large spectrum of people, about 95 percent, who don’t have a 4G phone.” He further said that Vodafone Flex is meant for a wider audience. “We are not new entrants. We have to look after not 5 million or 10 million subscribers; we have to look after 200 million subscribers,” he said.
It will be interesting to see how different telecom companies tackle the competition from Reliance Jio and if they are able to maintain quality while offering better rates for their plans.

Samsung Electronics Vice-Chairman Meets Prime Minister Narendra Modi

Samsung Electronics Vice-Chairman Meets Prime Minister Narendra Modi

Reiterating company’s commitment to India as a strategic partner, Jay Y. Lee, Vice Chairman of Samsung Electronics on Thursday met Prime Minister Narendra Modi and apprised him of company’s business operations and citizenship initiatives in the country.

Lee told Prime Minister Modi that Korean technology major Samsung is working in synchrony with “Make in India” and “Digital India” initiatives in growing India as an important production base and central R&D hub.

He said Samsung’s ultimate goal is just not to be a foreign investor but a local business, where the company would work with local communities to build a better future.

Lee noted that Samsung’s “Make for India” initiative is already creating meaningful local innovations for the Indian consumers.

In India, “Samsung Smart Class” programme is helping over 200,000 students from low-income families to experience e-learning at 376 Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya schools, he said.

In addition, 18 Samsung Technical Schools are imparting skills to youth to enable their employability.


5 Definite strategies radio station can harness social media successfully

In today’s world, we can’t just ignore the power of social media. This is even truer for the businesses especially the small ones. And upcoming radio stations are no different. Social media plays an invaluable role in endorsement of radio stations. It’s free and simple to use. It’s, in fact, an unbeatable tool to connect to the listeners and increase publicity for the radio station. But to make sure your social media effort makes a positive impact, it would be good to create a solid strategy to keep your posts updated, original and enjoyable throughout the day.

To get started, here are a few of various ways to harness the power of social media for your online radio station. Many radio stations like DX have already implemented some of them for endorsement of their programmes.

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  • Now playing – It is very likely that you have a ‘now playing’ feature on your site through the radio automation software. But it’s a good idea to announce on your social profiles from time to time what’s being playing right now. This occasional ‘now playing’ update will give the potential listeners an essence of your station and automatically persuade them to tune in during peak hours of the day.
  • Audience requests – If you want your listeners to get involved, avoid dictating music all the time. Rather give them a chance to listen to their favorite music, let them shape their station as per their wish by encouraging them to request their favorite music through Twitter or Facebook. Continue the process to allot particular times of the day when they can take over the station.
  • Sponsorship – If you want your radio station to flourish, it’s important to find a feasible way to generate regular revenue. Social media is a great tool for the stations looking for sponsorship, making it simple to add value to the sponsors if you own a good number of followers. By crafting a sponsorship package which includes an in-depth social media plan, you can surely seal a good deal.
  • Competition – Giveaways are a wonderful way to gain exposure for your radio station. Encourage brands to give rewards for your competitions or be creative with fun or unusual rewards without digging a hole in your pocket. You can pass on the guest passes you were given by the press company instead of preserving them for yourself. By letting listeners to enter by retweeting or sharing your posts, you can extend your reach and allure more listeners.
  • Response – While you get to grips with live broadcast software, you may find that a huge growth is made by means of trial and error. Social networking is the quickest and easiest way to have your listeners’ response and that would help you improve your programmes as well as station. If you want comprehensive feedback on specific items of your programme or station, you may create a poll on Facebook or Twitter where listeners can vote on the mentioned subjects.

Remember, social-savvy broadcasters have limitless opportunities to have exposure for their station. Follow the tips to initiate your social media and ensure that your online radio station gets deserved attention within a short time span.

Three Advantages to Using Avid Media Composer

There are several editing software programs that can be used for post production, film editing, but perhaps the most popular is Avid Media Composer. The reason is that there are simply more advantages to using this software than anything else on the market. The following are a few of the advantages to using avid Media Composer for you film editing requirements.

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It is popular
This software has been around for many years now, and many consider it to be the gold standard for film editing. As such, the top editors in the industry are familiar with it, so film producers can focus on hiring the talent that is appropriate for the job. There is no concern about hiring someone with talent in film editing but not understanding how to use this program. In addition, when hiring new people, they understand the importance of this software and will work hard to gain a better understanding of how to use it. Many have already learned a certain amount in classes. It can also be learned quickly by young editors. The layout of the software was designed with advice from some of the best film editors in the business.

File sharing
This is one of the most striking differences between Avid and other editing software programs. It is possible to share files with others working on the same project, but unlike other programs, Avid allows for everyone to see and work on the same project files. When updates are made to the files, they are done in real time, so everyone working on the project is looking at the most current rendition of the film edit.

It supports more than one platform
Not only does this software run with Macs and Windows machines, but it can do so at the same time. One person on the project can work using a Macintosh using OS X while someone else can be using Windows 10. The option of allowing users to access the system regardless of their operating system creates a more flexible work environment.

Along with this powerful software, there is additional equipment available to make post production work more robust. A 4k shared storage unit can increase the amount of footage you can work on at increased speeds. These units are compatible with Avid Media Composer.

India’s Wearables Market Grew 41.9 Percent in Q2 2016

India's Wearables Market Grew 41.9 Percent in Q2 2016: IDC
The wearable devices market in India grew 41.9 percent in the second quarter over the first quarter of this year, International Data Corporation (IDC) reported on Tuesday.

According to IDC’s “Worldwide Quarterly Wearable Device Tracker” report, the total shipment in the second quarter stood at over 567,000 units of which the basic wearables, defined as those which cannot run third-party applications, contributed nearly 94 percent.

“The wearable market has advanced to a stage where awareness is no more a roadblock. New vendors are continuously entering the market and existing vendors are offering better product features,” said Raj Nimesh, Senior Market Analyst, Client Devices, IDC, in a statement.

Goqii grabbed number one position with 16.1 percent market share, followed by Xiaomi, which slipped one position and stood second with 10.3 percent market share in the second quarter.

Fitbit maintained its third position with 6.7 percent market share.
Garmin made an entry to the top five bracket with a 1.4 percent share and Huawei stood fifth with 1.0 percent market share.

Domestic consumer electronics company Intex held a significant chunk in the “others” category and was one of the major drivers of the market, the report added.

Cloud Computing and its business benefits – Know more

Cloud Computing is actually the outcome of various latest technologies combined together. It yields certain benefits for the business world. The most eminent of these technologies include the ones mentioned below.

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Grid computing – A combination of various commodity servers that create a single giant virtual server. The user and the grid remain unaffected when any of the individual nodes fail.

Utility computing – A form of metered computing that charges you on the basis of your usage. Your computing requires you to pay as if you’re paying for electricity or water.

On-demand computing – A web interface can be used for managing a majority of cloud services. It just takes a click of the mouse for the user to create provision for little or more computing power. Prior to measuring your bigger marketing campaigns, you may utilize this feature temporarily.

You’re actually talking about 3rd party renting of cloud services when you’re talking about cloud computing in general. In order to replace your individual servers, you may develop an in-house infrastructure for private cloud computing.

Among all major cloud characteristics you’ll find a real cost-efficient way of measuring and provisioning computing power in a dynamic way. Besides this, cloud computing even enhances the user’s ability to utilize power to his maximum advantage instead of managing any of this technology’s hidden complexities.

Instead of tactical moves, much of your money and time can be vested on the strategic front wherein managing clouds have turned more important for improving infrastructure than managing hardware nodes separately.

All leading businesses allocate about 25% of their IT budget towards strategic actions and the remaining 75% towards IT maintenance. This equation gets inverted with the use of cloud computing.

There are a few major benefits of transferring your IT infrastructure over to the cloud:

  1. Turn agile and get leaner.

You won’t need to worry about laying-off your IT workforce due to the slackening of your business or about hardware remaining unoccupied when you don’t hire a large team of system administrators or possess servers worth hundreds on your business site.

  1. Assign the task of noting all underlying technical details to another person. You must invest your time on issues concerning a bigger picture in place of conducting interviews of sys admin candidates for hours, comparing resumes worth hundreds and comparing pricing and specs of hardware before your latest round of purchases. You can lay your focus on other key issues like where to invest your dollars and how you can use them to the best of your business interest.
  2. Lower costs. You’re actually distributing your expenses incurred in managing, training and recruiting software and hardware professionals with your customers while seeking benefit of the 3rd party cloud providers.

How can the cloud be used?

It can be used for CPU and storage cycles. The cloud allows you to run all things that you can run on your own servers within the machine storage. In reality, you’ll experience certain restrictions while exporting things to the cloud. Cloud services can’t be used by your company when there are any technological limitations. So, you must acquire more knowledge on cloud service prior to signing up.

Apple Lets Slip New Beats by Dre Products Will Launch at iPhone 7 Launch Event

Apple Lets Slip New Beats by Dre Products Will Launch at iPhone 7 Launch Event
The new Beats accessories to launch on September 7
Apple is also expected to unveil the Apple Watch 2
Rollout details for iOS 10 are also expected
After much torment, Apple sent out invites for its launch event on September 7. As the tradition goes, the company kept the invite simple and minimal, keeping the mystery alive for as long as they can. However, a fresh mail sent by Apple-owned Beats to a French website has let it slip that Beats is also unveiling a selection of new Beats by Dre products at the launch event.

The invite was received by, and it reads (translated), “The Apple Keynote, awaited by all lovers of technology! Do not miss this event, a selection of new Beats by Dre products will be revealed September 7th, 2016.”

This invite was sent only to the said publication, and it was reportedly sent by mistake. It has since been removed after the Beats press service requested the publication to withdraw the screenshot. If true, it means Apple will have its hands full for the September 7 launch event. Apart from the Beats products, Apple is expected to unveil the iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus, Apple Watch 2, new wireless EarPods, and the rollout details for iOS 10. While Apple was first expected to unveil the refreshed Mac lineup at the event as well, the launch date for those products is now speculated to be October.
The most awaited launch is however the iPhone 7. It is expected to ditch the 3.5mm audio jack and the 16GB base storage variant. Apple is looking to introduce a new 32GB base variant, and bundle Lightning-powered EarPods with the iPhone 7. There is going to be camera upgrades, and the larger variant is expected to sport a dual camera setup and a Smart Connector at the back.

How to Become a Certified Fire Investigator

Tasked with investigating building to verify that all the federal, state, and local fire regulations are followed, a fire investigator visits the fire scene to investigate the cause of the fire, the burn pattern and any study revolving around it. Fire inspectors work mostly for local and state governments, however, they also find positions in insurance companies and attorney’s office. They work in both public and private sector

Fire investigators have full-time duty during business hours. Split between completing investigations in the field and compiling reports in an office setting, there work hours are often long. Their work requires certain level of risk where they are required to inspect burnet buildings and other fire sites, however they use protective gear to prevent themselves from injury and illness.

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While many use the terms fire investigator and arson investigator interchangeably, an arson investigator is required to determine who is responsible for the fire whereas the fire inspector will determine the cause and origin of fire. The job of fire inspector is challenging, complex and intriguing and it requires certain skill sets to be disposed effectively.

While a background in electrical, civil, chemical and mechanical engineering plays a major role, to have technical training is needed to determine the behavior of fire and how it attacked the structure or building. The technical aspect requires you to have knowledge of construction and building materials and the effects of fire on those. Fire behavior and burn patterns, the effects of fire suppression, evidence preservation methods too are important technical aspects. It is necessary also to learn search techniques so that fire cause evidence and ignition sources are preserved during investigation.

The career path of a fire investigator can be varied as those from public sector move up through ranks starting off as volunteers in the police or fire departments, gaining experience is various categories of fire cases, criminal law and also in due course receiving formal education and training.

Those in the private sector may shift from either public sector or pursue an academic curriculum on fire science or engineering. Forensics too is a useful course. You can look for job vacancies in investigative firms or insurance companies and then work your way to the top. A person might as well volunteer at a local firehouse to gain a foothold.

It is best that you get active in multiple professional organizations that can help train you for fire investigation. Training is provided on a federal level at the FBI, ATF and IAAI while the state police and Fire Marshal’s office traincs at a state level. They can also undergo training under various local agencies. Trainings like these require long hours and weekends on the job.

In the recent years, the job has got more challenging since mock fires are set to fool investigators to seem accidental when they really are intentional. This helps make sure that the investigator is proficient in solving fire cases.

Caring for your firearm is of the utmost importance

Your firearm is one of your most valuable possessions. You may use it to hunt, to relieve stress, and to protect yourself, your home, and your family. If you’re a novice gun owner, you may not really realize that taking care of your gun is the best way to make sure it’s always available to take care of you. Follow some of these tips in order to keep your piece in tip-top shape for when it’s needed.

Know when to clean your gun. You may clean it every single time you take it out to shoot, but that may not always be the case. If you use your firearm primarily at the gun range, you can let a little debris build up between cleanings. However, if you rely on your weapon for protection or providing for your family, then cleanings must be thorough and performed every single time you shoot it.

Realize that cleaning is not the same as maintenance. Maintaining your gun happens at all times, not just when it has been fired. Wipe your gun down after it is used, and make sure it is stored properly in a secure location located away from moisture and dampness. Excess moisture can cause rust, which will gum up the workings of your firearm and make it inoperable when it is needed.

Keep your weapon well-protected when it’s not in use. This means investing in quality pistol cases and keeping those cases clean and in working order. You could also consider getting a high-quality gun safe in order to keep your weapons locked up and completely out of sight when it is not needed. This is also a great security measure to keep family members, particularly children, 100% safe.

With some forethought and effort, it’s possible to keep your firearm operational at all times. Regardless of how often you need it, it’s important that your gun is in working order. Your firearm is a possession that can do wonderful things for the safety and protection of your family, and should be valued as such.