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7 most beautiful types of diamond cuts

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend. The shape of a diamond, the cuts tell a lot about you. It is very important to select the perfect cut diamond which suits your personality. It may be the classic round, emerald or something fancy like Heart, pear.

Here are some of the most amazing cuts of diamond-

  1. Round diamonds

The most popular type of diamond, round diamonds reflect light the best and maximise potential brightness making it a favourite over the fancy cuts. The rawness of the diamond is kept intact in this shape. It has 57 facets, which is just too super cool. Diamond Necklaces are available in round diamond, with many unique settings. More so, you can buy a diamond necklace online or check the various designs available before you go to the physical shop.

  1. Asscher cut diamonds

This cut diamond looks like a square emerald shape with long and lean lines. It has a relatively larger top flat surface and lesser number of facets and a narrow bottom. They have gained a lot of popularity after its inception in the 20th century. They look the best when set in an engagement ring.

  1. Princess Cut Diamonds

It is the second most popular diamond cut and was first created in 1980s. Similar to round cut diamonds, they are very flexible and can be used in multiple settings of rings. They are gaining popularity for being encrusted on engagement rings because of their feminine appearance.

  1. Marquise cut diamonds

These diamonds appear like the cover of an almond. Broad at the centre and tapering at either ends, it creates an illusion of being bigger than they actually are. This is one of the reasons why it is gaining a popularity lately, because it looks bigger than a round diamond of the same carat. Marquise diamonds are mostly used in rings.

  1. Heart cut diamonds

These diamonds represent the confident modern woman of today. They are a perfect choice for pendants with pastel colours such as pink, blue or yellow. Something less than 50 carat would not be a good choice in case of heart cut diamonds. They are unconventional and a perfect choice for gifting the woman of your life; mother, wife daughter or girlfriend!

  1. Radiant cut diamonds

These are the first type of diamonds to have a complete beautiful cut facet pattern applied to the crown as well as the base, thus the name! They are a combination of geometrical lines of the emerald cut and lustre of round diamonds, making it the most perfect type of diamond. They make beautiful necklaces when set with round diamonds or square cornered diamonds.

  1. Cushion cut diamonds

Cushion cut diamonds are very feminine, royal and have a soft look. They look like a cushion with rounded edges and larger facets which increase the stone’s beauty. This type of diamond is as old as 200 years. They make beautiful rings with flakes of diamond surrounding it.

Often diamonds are gifted or presented as an engagement ring, so it becomes very important to test the diamond before buying it!