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Fixing carpentry hassles is now effortless!!

Your house is your cosy abode which you have built with so much love & care. Every nook & corner is adorned with the choice of your furniture & declaratives. It is that special place where you want to back to every day after the days tiring work. “Homesickness” syndrome only catches up with one, when one goes away from home either for further studies or for work. Until then we never tend to realise the importance of our home.


We build a relation with everything around us. Be it living or non-living. Everything has its own language. Even the non-living objects, be it a box or sofa or cup-board. The important thing to ponder upon is that are we silent enough from inside to hear what they speak. Yes the trees do speak & so does your fav soft-toy teddy bear. Every language need not have words. The most beautiful language is that of our heart. Until we are settled within ourselves, we will be unable to understand or hear it.

Have you noticed often times you like to sit only at a particular place at your home, read only at a specific area, and sleep only on your bed. Well you have built a unique relationship with each of these spaces & energies. We have developed a sense of liking & comfort for them. It is hard to leave them behind & shift to another city & even more heart breaking when they wear & tear off or break off. Looking for sofa repair services& all sorts of carpenter services is a hell of a task. Right from hunting for the best carpenters to the right fixtures & to negotiating the right deal, all of it might take a week & eat up most of your valuable time. To save you from all the trouble, you can now look for online carpenters.

Yes technology has made it simple & extremely convenient to avail all such services at the spur of the moment the damage happens. All you need to do is install the Housejoy app & click on the desired service. Our service providers are professionally trained & will fix all carpentry issues in no time.

So a guest is coming and a bed is yet to be repaired, want to renovate your furniture during the festival time, the wait is now over. You just need to click & our efficient carpenters will be at work at your home when you call them. Not only this, we have full-fledged online plumbing services as well. Keep all the water leakage & drainage issues at bay, opt for Housejoy’s plumbing services. So now you know the secret to winning your Mom’s heart when she asks you to get the furniture fixed or the water pipe repaired. While you are busy chilling with your friends, you just need to tap on your app & the service provider will be right at your home -Mom is happy & so are you!!