Online Career Counseling- Is your Career Path at a Crossroad?

Confusion is a common state of mind when one is making their career choice. It is a make or break situation since their decision might change their life’s course. With so many career options youngsters are at a complete loss, their career path reach a crossroad. It is like a roadblock and the driver can’t understand how to go ahead. Not only young school students feel at a loss while drawing up a roadmap for the future, many experienced professionals also face the same situation while looking for a career change. It is a common trend now to take risks and thus who will find young entrepreneurs starting their own companies, thus opening up new employment avenues. Now the question is how you get to know about these different career options, of course through internet, the powerhouse of information.

The modern technology has blessed us with a boon of internet connection. Most homes and offices now have Wi-Fi facility. This means you can sit at any corner of the country and access information and discuss your issues with an experienced career expert via Skype. You can also conduct seminars through video conferencing with career experts abroad and also with the heads of colleges and Universities. There is an option for live chat as well. You can call the helpline to clear your doubts any time.

Many career sites like has made their portal more user-friendly by keeping options like online aptitude tests, knowledge-base of career questions and online consultation sessions to stay connected with expert career counselors. Often a plethora of information in the internet and excessive media exposure can confuse both students and parents and they miss out on the crucial information. Many don’t know how to get access to credible and good information on the recent career trends it is here that online career counseling comes to the rescue.

Here are the advantages of online career counseling-

  • You can choose the right career stream after completing your 10th standard and just before going to +2.
  • If you are not able to choose a career stream or the career that you have already selected doesn’t suit your skills, then you can find out an alternative career path.
  • Have already completed your graduation and have relevant work experience? Then online career counseling can guide you to take advantage of the skills you have newly acquired.
  • Those who want to take up higher education like post graduate diploma or Masters or say Ph.D. Online career counseling helps you to look for the right subject. It will also help you to understand how higher education will help you to get better job opportunities in future.
  • A student can take an aptitude test or career assessment test at home. They need not travel, so this saves time and costs. Comprehensive reports that comprise of aptitude profile and personality profile of the student helps the career experts to give right guidance based on solid facts. The students can confidently rely on the guidance and they get the information quickly in real time.
  • Online career counseling help’s a student to realize their inherent strength and skills. This scientific method also guides a student to make the best use of his talents. Unless you don’t yourself, internet can’t help you. This is the first step to accurate career counseling.
  • Students studying at school and high school have to opt for various subjects and perform well academically. Thus they don’t know what exactly their real strengths are. Online counseling helps them realize their intellectual ability and their natural inclination for certain subjects. This helps the student to take informed decision regarding their career.
  • Many students have preconceived notions and career counseling helps to correct them. It helps to make a person understand the individual he or she really is.
  • Sometimes students decide their career goals but don’t know how to achieve it. Online career counseling help students to select their subjects or academic stream correctly.
  • The students will get to know what jobs they can get after studying a particular subject. For example- will studying English literature help a student to get a good job in both academic and corporate field?


Both students and parents ignore the importance of career counseling. Many have misconceptions regarding online career counseling. Students should research well and find out only credible websites that offer constructive guidance rather than relying on word of mouth. A mistake in career decision can ruin a life, so it is always best to take informed decision by using the internet prudently.

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