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How to Hack Forgotten Windows 10 Password in 3 Easy Steps

Lost your Windows 10 password after unused for a long time? Bought a second hand laptop but sadly found it was locked with a password? Is there any efficient way to hack Windows 10 login password?

Here we would recommend you try SmartKey Windows Password Recovery. It is one of the most powerful Windows 10 password hacker, which can effectively help you hack your Windows 10 password within three easy steps. And it required you little technical knowledge of the Windows operation.

 Why Choose SmartKey Windows Password Recovery

The most salient characteristic of SmartKey Windows Password Recovery is the 100% recovery rate, which has been welcomed by thousands of Windows 10 users. Moreover, the password recovery process will be finished easily and quickly with no data loss or file damage at all with the least money & time.

Beside, you can feel free to choose change the password, or remove the password, or even create a new account. Solve your password problems by yourself in minutes with the software.

 How to Hack Windows 10 Password with SmartKey Windows Password Recovery?

It may be illegal to hack others’ computers, but it is ok for you to get yourself out of the trouble by using the qualified password hacker program. Please follow the steps, it is rather easy.

  1. Download and install the program on any accessible computer (please not this does not refer to your locked computer).
  2. Run it and burn to a blank CD /DVD or USB Flash drive.
  3. Boot your locked PC from the newly created disk to reset your forgotten Windows 10 password.

They are rather easy steps. For more details, you can also click here.

Are There Other Functions?

Besides helping you hack your Windows 10 password, SmartKey Windows Password Recovery also can help you in the following cases:

  • Unfortunately forgot user password you just changed.
  • Set a Microsoft account but lost password for it.
  • Lend PC to others and the admin password was accidently changed.
  • Forgot Windows 10 login password and there is no reset disk.
  • Lost admin password for Windows PC and had no other admin account to login.

Choosing SmartKey Windows Password Recovery will definitely a nice choice you will never regret! In order to meet different uses, this Windows pc password reset software also has three different versions: SmartKey Windows Password Recovery Standard, SmartKey Windows Password Recovery Professional and SmartKey Windows Password Recovery Ultimate. Feel free to get the one you need, and it won’t disappoint you!