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10 tips to get high ranking in the search results of Baidu

Baidu is the largest search engine in China and this fact makes Baidu very attractive for any company operating in China. Google is not popular even been banned in China so that you or anyone who wants to expand its business into China require Baidu as an online benchmark. This article will discuss about 10 tips that will bring your website on top of search results

1. Local Content
Remember that your target is the Chinese people and of course they are more interested in reading in Mandarin. You cannot expect you get a lot of customers if you do not change your website to work in accordance with what the customers do.

  1. Avoid controversial content
    Since China is a communist country then you should avoid any content that has the potential to corner the Chinese government’s policy. You should make sure your website free from such things, or you will suffer the consequences.3. Inbound links
    One of the basic practices of Baidu is how to get backlinks. Baidu more emphases on quantity rather than quality so you need to multiply the number of inbound links.

    4. Internal Anchor
    This also applies to Google. Internal anchor plays a key role in improving the quality of the link, so make sure you have a variety of texts connected with the targeted keywords. Also, be sure to use keywords in simplified Mandarin. Simplified keywords make Baidu able to detect easily.

    5. Originality
    This is a global agreement. Like Google, Baidu gives enough attention to the copyright infringement problem and the best way to get through this issue is to use the WSA Spider to filter out any sentence in your content.

    6. Dedicated to China
    You will be doing business in China so you must ensure that your website is completely dedicated to the Chinese consumers. You need to build your website through the eyes of the Chinese people.

    7. Phoenix Nest PPC increasing success in promotion
    Instead of doing the conventional way, you are advised to invest in Baidu in order to get positive traffic that will be useful as the basis of your organic system.

    8. Strategy
    You need to use some tools like Backlink Hunter to ensure all links you own have an official authority.

    9. Optimization page

    Baidu gives great focus on page optimization that includes several aspects, such as title tags, alt tags, Meta descriptions, keywords, and so forth. Again, you need to make sure you only use keywords in simplified Chinese. You may need what called Keyword Analyzer.

    10. Local Hosting
    Of course you should use the local host. The use of local hosting will increase your chances of getting a high ranking in Baidu search results. Make sure that each domain that you have hosted in China. You need to use some top class domains such as .cn or


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