How to Get the Best Value Out Of Urgent Care Services

Not every medical problem can and should be handled by an urgent care clinic, but for those that can, it offers real value for your healthcare dollars. You will save time, money and hassle by getting treatment by medical professionals that are equally qualified to get you back on the road to good health.

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Some Emergencies Require the ER

There are some medical emergencies that require the use of a traditional emergency room, rather than an urgent care clinic. Problems that are causing intense pains, vomiting, heavy bleeding, chest pains, through-and-through broken bones and a few other ailments need to be seen at an emergency room. The cure or treatment may involve surgery, which cannot be performed at an urgent care clinic. You need to weigh this out and make the most sensible solution.

Cost Savings

An urgent care clinic costs about one-third of what the costs of a traditional emergency room run. This is a definite positive when it comes to needing medical treatment right away. It is the most sensible solution for those with inadequate, or a complete lack of healthcare insurance coverage. You can be seen right away by medical professionals at an affordable price.

Less Time Spent Waiting for Treatment

Emergency room visits always come with long waits. Unless you have a severe traumatic injury, you will be seen in the order you arrive. Most emergency rooms are constantly busy. This could mean hours before you have been seen, diagnosed and sent on your way. An urgent care clinic has a much better patient-to-staff ratio. You will seen, diagnosed, treated and released quicker. The whole process seems much more efficient. This is the right choice if you are wanting treatment that is accurate and speedy.

When a Health Problem Needs Handled Quickly

There may be a time that a health emergency crops up that is not serious enough to justify the expense of an emergency room, but needs to be treated faster than waiting for the doctor’s office to be open, or have an opening to see you. This is where an urgent care clinic shines. You can walk in any time day or night and get expedited service. You can be home in less than half the time it takes at an emergency room.

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