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Magicians are great when you need someone to attract the crowd especially if the crowd has children. They always get fascinated by magicians and have a fun time around them. So, for your next party how about bringing a talented magician? If you are taking up the suggestion then we are about to make things easier for you. Now that you have decided to bring in a magician, you will have to find a talented one. What if we tell you that we can bring your magician to you rather than you going out and looking for one. The special Guest app is a special app that helps you in finding a magician for your event. We have a bunch of talented magicians that you can select from depending on your location.Book a magician using Special Guest App.

With us you will find:

Astrologer: If you are into astrology then we would find you a popular astrologer to predict your future by evaluating the position of sun, moon, and the planets of a person. Generally, an astrologer makes a horoscope for an event time like in birth and predict celestial point and their positions at that time to know the person’s characteristics. We have astrologers for you depending upon your location. All you have to do is enter your location and we will find the right astrologer for you.

Comedy Magicians:

Comedy Magicians are the most popular amongst children. They are seen in many children parties. Basically, comedy magic is when the magicians use magic along with comedy. A popular comedy magicians do is Pen and Teller. When comedy is included in a magic act it certainly becomes more entertaining for the audience. This is why comedy magicians are so popular.

Corporate Magicians:

Corporate magicians are not regular magicians that you see in kids party or Las Vegas show. Rather they work their magic in the trade show. Corporate companies pay these magicians a huge amount to perform a magic trick and at the same time deliver the client’s message across. The act of corporate magicians can run for hours. It is a big challenge for these magicians to get hired by the client.

Escape Artists:

It is not an unknown fact that people love escape artists and they can bring the adventure factor to your event. Escape artist is the one who practices escaping from restraints and traps. An escape artist is also referred to as escapologist and they are trained to escape from a straitjacket, handcuffs, coffins, cages, bags, barrels, fish-tanks, etc.


People often use magicians and illusionist in the same context. However, there is a slight difference between the two. Illusionists generally perform in front of large crowds and they use the large area for their act. Sometimes they use the whole stadium as well.

These were some of the magicians that we offer at Special Guest. These are just a couple of examples of our offering. We have a bunch of other options as well such as mind reader, mentalist, lip print reader, strolling magic, tarot card reader, trade show magic, stage hypnotist, etc.