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Fun Facts About Aluminum

While aluminum is one of the most prevalent metals that can be found on Earth, many people really do not give it a second thought and actually take it for granted. To spur interest in this wondrous of metals, here are some fun and interesting facts about aluminum.

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  1. By recycling a single beverage can, enough energy is saved to power a modern television for approximately 3 hours.
  2. Enough recycling of aluminum is done in the United States annually to power the entire city of Pittsburgh for 6 years!
  3. Production techniques have become much more efficient over the past 20 years at every aluminum foundry. They have increased to such a degree that what once made 20 aluminum cans now makes 30 cans.
  4. Americans throw away so much aluminum every three months that every single commercial airplane in the country could be completely rebuilt.
  5. An estimated 350,000 aluminum cans are made every single minute of every single day.
  6. Aluminum is an unusually strong metal. For instance, four 6-packs place in a square pattern can support the weight of a 4,000-pound car.
  7. The aluminum which makes up one beverage can is worth about 1-cent. In some states, however, they can be turned in for 5-cents each. In Michigan, the value is a whopping 10-cents per can returned to a retail grocery outlet.
  8. Of all the aluminum ever made over the course of recorded history, over two-thirds of it is still being used today!
  9. It only takes 60 days to recycle a can, turn it into a new can, and get it back on store shelves.
  10. Aluminum is the most commonly recycled material on the planet, at a 50% recycle rate. Compare this to just under 25% for glass and plastic.
  11. The third most abundant mineral in the crust of the Earth is, you guessed it, aluminum!

Hopefully these fun and nifty little factoids have piqued your curiosity about one of the most versatile materials on the planet. Share them with your friends and amaze them with your vast metallic knowledge!