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How to Protect the Non-Stick Coating on a Pan

Many companies design pans that have a non-stick coating for challenging foods. Although most coatings are engineered specifically for the toughest cooking situations, a special film on a typical pan will break away if practical steps aren’t taken throughout preparation routines. If you want to maintain your pan so that you can cook many meals without worrying about sticking, you’ll have to use two cooking items properly.

Avoid Cooking Sprays

Most cooking sprays are used by many cooks and chefs during preparation routines that involve fried food. They use sprays instead of butter and oil because the components in non-stick products have less calories. The big problem is that cooking sprays aren’t designed for the coating in a non-stick pan. As a result, after a spray is applied, the non-stick spray film will mold on a pan, and the process of removing the sprayed substance will be challenging. Once a non-stick pan has multiple layers of non-stick spray, the original non-stick coating won’t be effective. This is why you should use a mild product whenever you need grease to fry something in a treated pan. The most practical options are corn oil, canola oil, or butter. If you need something that doesn’t have a lot of calories, consider using oil mister.

Don’t Use Fat Improperly

When using fat to fry food in a non-stick pan, you must use a fatty product strategically in order to avoid damaging a non-stick coating. During general cooking routines while using a traditional pan, a cook should use butter or oil after the cooking surfaces are heated up. However, while cooking with a non-stick product, fats must be used when the surfaces are cold. By placing fat in a cold pan, the slick components will enhance the effects of the non-stick coating.

Because there are many other kinds of coatings for different consumer products, general protection procedures for automotive solutions and household fixtures will vary. The big benefit is that modern coatings don’t wear away easily since most options are designed with PVD technology.