For Honor Goes Free on PC for a Week, Marching Fire Update Release Date Revealed

For Honor Goes Free on PC for a Week, Marching Fire Update Release Date Revealed

Ubisoft had two big announcements for its medieval era fighting game For Honor during its E3 2018 keynote in Los Angeles: it’s going free on PC for a week (with a catch), and the next major update – Marching Fire – is out October 16, which brings a new faction, PvP and PvE modes, and more.

The catch for For Honor’s free availability till June 18 is that you’ll get the PC Starter Edition, which provides full access to maps and modes, but restricts hero options. For full unrestrained access, you’ll need 8,000 steel – that’s the in-game currency label in For Honor – to lift the restrictions. 11,000 steel costs $10 (about Rs. 675) to purchase.

The other editions and console versions of For Honor are also on sale, with discounts up to 75 percent. The Standard Edition is down to EUR 15 on UPlay, Rs. 1,000 on Xbox One, and Rs. 1,499 on PS4. There’s no sale on Steam, but it costs the least anyway: Rs. 899.

That brings us to the big update. The new faction in Marching Fire is the Wu Lin from ancient China, and its four heroes are warrior monks Shaolin, dao blade masters Tiandi, wise generals Jiang Jun, and deadly assassins Nuxia.

The new PvP mode is called Breach, in which you’ll have to either storm or protect a well-fortified castle by using or stopping a battering ram. The new PvE mode, which will have endless single-player and 2-person co-op, will be revealed at a later date.

Marching Fire also brings three new maps, significant graphical improvements, and an updated UI.

Ubisoft fixed For Honor’s matchmaking problems after a year of heavy criticism earlier in February, though the game still has excessive microtransactions.