A Beginner’s Guide to Using KENT Egg Boiler

Almost all the minerals that are required by a human body like potassium, calcium, iron, zinc, folate, manganese are present in an egg. It also contains Vitamin A, B2, B12, B5 and selenium along with 6 grams of protein packed in just one egg. Thus, it is evident that eggs are full of nutrition and rightly called “nature’s multivitamin”. People eat eggs all across the globe in various forms like boiled, poached, omelette etc. They contain unique antioxidants and many powerful nutrients that are considered vital for the functioning of the brain.

Eggs are also a major source of protein and fat for those who need energy throughout the day for physical labour. They are a cheaper and excellent alternative to meat. Eating them for breakfast keeps a person active throughout the day as they are slow-metabolizing energy sources.

Make Perfectly Boiled Eggs with KENT Egg Boiler

Normally, people like to eat boiled eggs for breakfast. Some like their egg to be soft boiled, while some prefer it to be medium boiled and few others like it hard boiled. It looks simple to boil an egg, but often people end up having a hard-boiled egg when they were actually looking for soft boiled and vice versa. The most seasoned chefs also fail when it comes to boiling of an egg, forget the novice.

If you want to make the perfectly boiled egg, you should use an innovative appliance like the KENT Egg Boiler. It is an ideal appliance not only for homes but also for hostels. The best part is that the egg boiler price is very reasonable. Read on to find out how to operate this appliance.

KENT Egg Boiler Operates Automatically

You don’t need to keep track of time as it operates automatically. All you need to do is add the required quantity of water and select the mode. Once the desired mode is set and the boiling process is complete, the appliance turns off automatically. It is quick and easy and you need not worry about eggs getting overcooked or remaining undercooked with this appliance.

Steps to Use KENT EGG Boiler

Follow these steps to boil eggs in your new KENT egg boiler:

  • To start with, add the required quantity of water using a measuring cup. The quantity depends on your boiling preference. Add 20 ml of water for soft-boiled eggs; 30 ml of water for medium boiled eggs and 50 ml of water for hard boiled eggs.
  • Keep the eggs on the tray and lock the lid.
  • Plug in the egg boiler and turn on the power button.
  • Once the eggs are done, the appliance with switch off automatically.

If you love to have boiled eggs, get this amazing appliance, which also comes with a one year warranty. Since the egg boiler price is very reasonable, you don’t have to think twice before buying. You will not crib anymore about not being able to cook the perfectly boiled eggs.