Football Club Uses Fortnite Video to Announce New Signing

Football Club Uses Fortnite Video to Announce New Signing

Fortnite’s popularity isn’t restricted to gamers and celebrities. Now, football clubs are getting in on the craze that is Epic Games’ battle royale sensation. FC Nantes used a Fortnite video to announce the signing of Lucas Evangelista. The 23-year-old Brazilian midfielder joined the French outfit from Italy’s Udinese on a five-year contract. To celebrate this, it tweeted a clip from Fortnite that showed off characters dressed in the club’s shirts and the protagonist in a suit going through the Fortnite map. They land near a football pitch and score a goal before looking around. The characters then go through a door where Evangelista is waiting with the message ‘Bem-vindo’ meaning welcome.

With footballers such as Dele Alli and Harry Kane professing to be fans of Fortnite, with the former going as far as to celebrate a World Cup goal with a Fortnite dance, it should come as no surprise that the game has a following among the sporting elite. What’s fascinating is that this is despite the absence of an Android version of the game. Though that may change soon, although it may be exclusive to Samsung to start with.

It seems that Fortnite Android may be exclusive to the Samsung Galaxy Note 9. According to multiple reports, Epic Games’ battle royale sensation could feature heavily at Samsung’s Unpacked 2018 event and remain exclusive to the smartphone for a 30-day period. Fortnite is currently the most popular game in the world and is on Nintendo Switch, iOS, PS4, Xbox One, and PC. While a Fortnite Android release date has been slated for “summer”, Epic Games has said little else on the matter.

As per XDA, in order for Samsung to entice consumers to bother with the Samsung Galaxy Note 9, Fortnite could be key. The site claims “anyone that buys the Galaxy Note 9 is also going to get some free V-Bucks, free skins, and more. V-Bucks are used to buy a battle pass and skins, dances, or gliders in the game. This will all be bundled with the phone when it launches.”

In addition to this, 9to5Google has suggested that Samsung Galaxy Note 9 pre-orders would come with Fortnite Android micro-transactions in the range of $100 to $150. And if you aren’t interested in Fortnite Android, you can get wireless AKG headphones that the site states are “presumably worth around the same amount.”

And there’s more to it than just a tactical promotion. Samsung may launch the Galaxy Note 9 around Fortnite with the launch video featuring Fortnite Android heavily. The smartphone will also be advertised as a gaming phone touting superior experience with Fortnite Android and the Unreal Engine that powers it.