If you think you can’t cook well, go for these hacks to make your dishes taste yum!

1. Simple ways to make food taste better!

Simple ways to make food taste better!

When you keep cooking the same dishes, it’s natural that they’ll end up tasting the same. You might be the one who is naturally not blessed with ‘golden hands’ when it comes to cooking or you might just not be liking being in kitchen! On the brighter side you don’t need to take out your mom’s cookbook and go through those burdensome recipes because we’re here to save the day with these simple ways you can make your food taste better!

2. To give that ‘oily’ look

Add half a teaspoon of sugar while roasting the spices. This leads to a rich, oily look of the dish.

3. Use sugar for seasoning

Using sugar is the best way to accelerate this process. Add a pinch of sugar on lean proteins to make the food taste delicious.

4. Roast veggies on high heat

Roasting vegetables on high heat concentrates the flavours and brings out the sweetness in veggies. The dry heat of the oven often caramelizes the natural sugars in vegetables, which brings about an amazing taste!

5. Fry spices before using them

To release the flavour, food scientists recommend frying them for a bit before putting them to use. This is commonly done in several parts of India to enhance the original flavors of a spice in order to make them bolder and more intense.

6. Follow the order

Always fry your spices in this order-onions, garlic, ginger, dry spices. This ensures that the aroma of the spices remain intact

7. Add fresh herbs at the right time

Adding herbs early in the cooking process will enable them to release maximum flavor. However, take note that it is best to save delicate herbs for the end. Otherwise, they may lose their flavour and colour. It’s definitely true when they say – “a stitch in time, saves nine!”

8. Eat only after the food has cooled down

It is a fact that our taste receptors are sensitive to temperature. Eating food that is straight out of the oven suppresses the taste, so its best to let your food cool before you’re ready to eat.

9. Don’t seed tomatoes

Most of the flavour of tomatoes is in the seeds surrounding the jelly-like part of it. It’s advised to seed tomatoes only if excess moisture will ruin the dish you’re preparing. If not, it’s best to let the seeds stay.

10. Keep fats tasting fresh

The fats in butter, oils and nuts can go rancid when they’re over-exposed to oxygen and light. It’s best to reduce this exposure to slow down the process. Hence, storing fats properly is of utmost importance. Butter and nuts go back in the freezer whereas vegetable oils go in a dark pantry.

11. Brown breads, pies and pastries

We’re not experts on colour but we know for a fact that anything brown tastes better. Don’t take breads, pies, or even cakes out of the oven until the exterior is deep golden brown.