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How to Celebrate Father’s Day When You Live Far Away from Your Dad

Eventually, children fly free and become independent adults. It’s what parenthood is all about. However, when those kiddos fly to another coop thousands of miles away, it can be hard to plan around celebrations, like Father’s Day.

There are probably thousands of reasons why you love and appreciate your pops, so show him a little gratitude and help him celebrate—even if you live far away.

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Give the Gift of a Visit, Out of the Blue

The best thing you can give your dad is a visit and conversation after not seeing him for a while. He probably misses you immensely, so plan a visit but make it a surprise. Just show up on his doorstep with a smile and a bear hug. If you need to bring him a gift in hand, go with hobbies, such as aluminum tool truck boxes for mechanics, or a keen knife set for chefs.

Call Your Dad for a Conversation About Why He’s a Fantastic Father

It can be hard to express your feelings to your parents as an adult, but you should always tell people how you feel about them. Call up your pops on Father’s Day for a great conversation about how much you love him, why he’s a fantastic father, and how he helped you become the person you are today. He will appreciate the praise, affirmation, and thought.

DIY Photo Albums for Sentimental Papas

If your dad is the sentimental kind, create a photo album of your times together. Ask your mom or other family members for their favorite pictures of the two of you, beginning from when you were a newborn. Then compile those pics in a well-thought out photo album that hits the heart in all the right ways.

Save for a Plane Ticket to Bring Your Pops to You

If it’s been a while since your dad has been anywhere, surprise him with a plane ticket to bring him to see you. Or, better yet, take a trip together with two plane tickets to wherever he would like to go. Make this Father’s Day something great with brand-new memories of the two of you having fun together.