Safety and Savings Benefits of Arc Flash Software

Arc flashes are incredibly dangerous explosions that can occur almost out of nowhere in a utility or factory setting. It’s critical to monitor and arc flashes at your facility so you can pinpoint any electrical issues and insure worker’s safety. The best and easiest way to do this is with Arc Flash Software.

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Electrical Safety Monitoring

Arc Flash software can help electricians, engineers and safety professionals alike keep an eye on their internal systems. When arc flashes do occur, their data is recorded thoroughly and accurately.

Efficient Interface

The most current arc flash software packages provide accurate data for contractors the first time around; no need to make a return trip! Plus, tools designed for drag and drop can significantly cut down on installation time. 

Up-to-Date Safety Information

The primary goal of arc flash software is to maintain and promote safety. A software package should include the latest information about action workers can take to prevent arc flashes. It should also provide the most current approved work attire to shield from blasts and burns. The nice thing about a software-based safety resource is that in can update regularly if new information or materials become available.

Quick, Reliable, Compatible Data Collection

Engineers will find arc flash software that is compatible with other programs they already use extremely helpful. Some programs integrate or populate EasyPower, ARCAD, and SKM Power Tools. They can also analyze the data collected from your worksite to determine if you are in compliance with safety standards. All of this is as simple as running a report with a few clicks.

By monitoring arc flashes when they occur and analyzing data to address issues that may have caused them, you are well on your way to a safer workplace. Combine this with the most current information on safety trends and best practices, and arc flash software can literally be a lifesaver!