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Improve Your Horse’s Performance with Some Exercises

There are four basic components of show jumping. Every rider needs the correct position, relaxation, impulsion, and confidence on the show course. If you are looking to improve your performance in the ring, here are some exercises for your horse.

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20 Meter Jumps

If you are looking for a simple exercise, you should consider 20-meter jumps. This exercise is easy to set up for your horse. You need to place two vertical poles on the opposite side of each other within a 20-meter circle. The horse needs to canter over the poles. You want to keep the proper rider position while on the horse. It is important that the horse has a steady rhythm in the jumps. The rider needs to count the horse’s strides too. This exercise is simple, but it can be physically exhausting for your horse. It is recommended to complete three circles and then give your horse a break.

Rail Footwork

A gymnastic line is created in the ground for this exercise. You want to set up a cavaletti in front of the square oxer. This exercise improves the horse’s canter over jumps. In order to clear the oxer and cavaletti, your horse will need a forward canter. Rail footwork can help your horse to better judge the jumps. The horse needs to clear the jumps without any rider support. If you are looking for an additional challenge, you should consider adding more poles between the jumps.

Three Loop Serpentine

The rider’s balance can be improved with the three loop serpentine exercise. You want to place all the jumps in the center of the arena. This exercise will improve the horse’s rhythm and canter. During the exercise, the rider needs to remain in a balanced position on the horse.

If you are looking to improve your performance during competitions, these exercises might be the trick. You can purchase used horse jumps for an economical way to practice. These exercises will help you find the right rhythm and balance on the course.