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Accessories for a Happy, Healthy Cat

Basic human needs include food, clothing and shelter. Humans also need things like affection and comfort. Your cat is no different. Beyond the basic requirements of water and food to stay alive, your furry friend may need other things to be truly happy. Here are three ways to upgrade your pet accessories and enhance your cat’s life.

Automatic Feeder

Cats are notorious for being able to fend for themselves, but taking responsibility for an animal means that you also take on the commitment that it will be well fed and cared for. Indoor cats especially need regular access to food and water. To prevent your cat from overeating and thus being at risk for several health problems, however, it is important to set and stick to a regular feeding schedule.

If you are home most of the day, it may not be a problem to dole out food and treats according to the schedule. If, however, you are gone for long periods of time, you may need a backup plan. An automatic feeder helps you keep your cat’s feeding schedule consistent.

There are several desirable features to look for in an automatic cat feeder Australia. Obviously, it is important to be able to set the time for the food to be distributed. That way, even if you are away from home, your pet still gets its meal on time. Certain feeders even alert your feline friend with a pre-recorded voice message or chirp when the food is ready. Choose the feeder that works best for you.

Kitty Condo

Your home is your sanctuary from the stresses of outside life. Your pet is likely to enjoy having its own space, too. A carpeted cat condo or cat tree can provide your pet with this space.

The benefits of a kitty condo are numerous. Your cat can climb, perch, hide and play on the multi-level tree, allowing even indoor cats the freedom to be active. As the perfect scratching post, the condo also can deter your cat from clawing your furniture or other belongings. Before buying a cat condo, observe your cat and watch for how it plays or what it likes to do. Then you can find a cat tree that caters to your pet’s preferences.

Grooming Tools

Cats are pretty good at grooming themselves, but that doesn’t mean they don’t appreciate help. Cats that spend some of their time outdoors may particularly need assistance with removing grass burrs or other items from their fur. There are several grooming tools you can buy that keep your cat’s fur from being matted.

The simplest tool you can buy is a brush. Many cats love being brushed by their owners, and it keeps their fur soft and manageable. If your cat is not impressed with the brushing, however, you may have to get a little more creative.

A bristled arch or post can achieve the same effect as a brush without you having to wrestle your cat still. The cat can rub up against the tool and brush itself. If your cat is affectionate but just doesn’t like the brush, you may consider wearing grooming gloves occasionally during a petting session. You can get rid of excess fur, and your cat just thinks it’s being petted.


Indoor cats need stimulation. They don’t have the benefit of being outside where they can practice their natural predatory skills, so it’s a good idea to recreate situations that mimic hunting. Toys that they can catch and chew on can help them. Cats also love chasing lasers. The light is easy for them to see and gives them a clear target.

You can keep your cat healthy and happy. A few accessories that meet your cat’s specific needs can help.