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Thigh Holsters – Not Just for Hollywood

You’ve seen it in the movies. The daring heroine sneaks around a billionaire’s mansion in a slinky red dress and swiftly unholsters her gun. She takes out the bad guy and gets away to safety. Question is “how did she hide that gun in her dress?”

Drop Leg Holsters

First of all, there are two distinctly different types of thigh holsters. The first type is for open carry and is also known as a drop leg holster. This type of holster is primarily used by military members and law enforcement officers. That isn’t to say, though, that everyday citizens shouldn’t wear a thigh holster. In the situation that you need a drop leg holster, you’re probably already bundled up with other gear and having your gun at your hip just isn’t the most practical. An example of this would be hikers and hunters who are loaded up with gear including stuff already strapped around their waistlines.

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Concealed Thigh Holster

The second type is a concealed thigh holster and is meant to go on your inner thigh. This type of thigh holster is more common among women. There are a number of styles and which you choose ultimately comes down to comfort and personal preference. Some of the options available for these concealed holsters are very feminine, but a few unisex options do exist. One of the more popular unisex versions is a type of spandex short that you wear under your clothing and has a pocket/holster for your weapon. Many of the feminine versions feature lace or garters and may not appeal to male consumers.

What it really boils down to is personal preference and comfort. A thigh holster, whether concealed or not, is a very preferential type holster. They’re not the most practical in everyday use and can even be downright uncomfortable if you don’t pick the right kind for you. Make sure to do your research and try out a few types before settling on a thigh holster.