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Tips for Buying a Motorbike

There’s no sensation quite like riding a motorbike, whether it’s hearing the rhythmic purr of the engine or feeling the wind against your body as you’re cruising on the road. Yet newcomers and motorbike vets alike often face the same dilemma: figuring out which motorcycle to buy. Let this handy guide steer you toward the bike of your dreams.

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Consider Brand and Store Reliability

Big name brands often have a good track record for dependability, but you should still do your own independent research to find which ones are best regarded today. Consumer Reports handily published a 2015 study ranking brands by which are least prone to bike failure, but also see if you can find even more recent studies and surveys to guide you. Make sure your area motorcycle dealerships are reliable as well, e.g. by checking their reviews on sites like the BBB.

Buy Your Cycle Used

Certain motorbikes are legends, but that doesn’t mean they fade away. The used motorcycle market is a strong and healthy one, and is a great option to turn to if you’re trying to save money or find a vintage model, e.g. that restored bultaco for sale you may have had your eye on. Used bikes aren’t hard to find—even Craigslist has listings—although it may be more reliable purchasing one from a well-regarded dealer.

Make Sure That Make is Made Right

You may have already narrowed down your bike possibilities to a chosen few, but it never helps to get a qualified second or third opinion. Ask fellow bikers if they’re familiar with the motorcycle you have in mind, and ask how it ranks compared to their own. You can also use the web for some quality reviews for specific bikes: sites like have an almost encyclopedic listing of reviews for cycles of various makes and brands, for instance.

The last thing picking a motorbike should be is stressful. Consider these options and tips, and before you know it, you’ll be revving your engines and hitting the road.