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Why you should consider equine liability insurance

Do you own a horse? If other people are ever in contact with your horse, you may want to consider an equine liability insurance policy. This would protect you in the event that someone else gets injured by your horse. Here are some of the most common reasons you may want to consider getting insurance for your horse.

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If you have horses, chances are that people always want to come over and ride them. An inexperienced rider can easily fall, even from the best trained horses. Your horse could also get “spooked” when something out of the ordinary frightens it. This could cause your horse to buck or run to get away from whatever was scaring it. Falling from a horse could lead to broken bones and potentially, death.

Car Accidents

A horse could potentially get to the road and cause a terrible car accident. You may forget to close a gate or door properly, allowing the horse to escape its living quarters. Horses that make their way to the road can lead to serious injuries for drivers passing through the area, but they can also cause damage to neighboring properties. For example, they may step on or eat you neighbor’s plants, and it would be your responsibility to replace them.


Horses typically see a farrier and a veterinarian regularly. Due to the risky nature of both of these types of work, it is possible that your horse can injure either of these professionals that come in contact with your horse. If your horse kicks the farrier when he is trimming the hooves, you would be liable for the damages.

There is a great deal of risk involved when you are the owner of such a large animal. An insurance policy can help put your mind at ease and prepare for the unexpected.